Thursday, January 03, 2008

Polisario Confidential tries to tie the Front with communism

Today I had a Google Ad in my Gmail called "Polisario Confidential". The site it linked to has 8 posts spreading rumors about Abdelaziz and Polisario. I'll investigate more later, but it's weird. If you have any idea who Khalid Ibrahim Khalid, the site's author, is, do tell.

To start with, here is the information on who owns the domain. It is registered through a proxy domain service and seems to run off a Dallas server.


  1. Will,
    Apparently it's no other than "Sahel-intelligence", becoming the multiple-headed snake.
    It's the same and hosted in the same place as the new "Polisario Confidential".

  2. Haha, really? Oh Sahel Intelligence. They're the ones who steal from Alle and news agencies, so what do you think the chance is that they even steal their propaganda?

  3. Laroussi5:29 PM

    The same people also run a "copy-site" called

    It's the same content as on Polisario Confidential, but with a slightly different layout.

  4. Yes, they steal and lie, and don't seem to get tired of it.
    Read their headline: "MINURSO: Ultramodern telecom material stolen by Polisario extremists".
    However, don't miss here the refutal - for the umptieth time-coming from MINURSO itself:
    (see MINURSO note at the bottom of the text).
    It's not the first time that MINURSO has denied such incident happening but whoever is running Sahel-Intelligent is willing to recycle false-news and spread more and more lies.

  5. Oh, are these the same guys as "Sahel Intelligence"? Funny. Or it would be funny, if someone hadn't paid a zillion dollars/dirhams to set it up. Must they be such clowns?

    Anyway, almost at the same time as Polisario-Confidential, the following very similar sites also sprang online:

    1. (The "Kidnap Camps", about how Sahrawis yearn to go home to the Moroccan Sahara and kiss the hand of their beloved king)

    2. ("Brainwash", about ... well guess.)

    3. (about Polisario stealing foreign aid)

    Whoever has the energy, please check up the registration info, because I don't.

  6. alle,
    ALL are registered at the same place:
    Domains by Proxy, Inc.
    15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    United States

  7. I wonder why anyone would go to the trouble of setting up all these sites. I thought it was weird how each of the sites has a sidebar feed from another site--at least one of them, Rabouni I think, pulls from MAP.

  8. Laroussi8:47 PM

    "I wonder why anyone would go to the trouble of setting up all these sites."

    You don't understand that? With more media presence, it is more likely that you get your message spread. Do you really think that the party with the most consistent messages wins? The more times you tell a lie, the greater the chance that someone actually will believe you in the end.

    Morocco has understood that this is a media war. Unfortunately Polisario hasn't really, so far. Let's just hope that the new minister for information shapes things up a bit.

    And, you do not need a zillion dollars for this. All the new pro-Moroccan sites are done with the free content managing system Joomla.

    Cost for the fancy layout? $0 !!!!

  9. Anonymous1:47 PM

    I think in this Western Sahara issue, everybody is broadcasting a certain level of propaganda. What makes the difference is how far each party dare to go in its lies. Examples that you may find coming from Algeria, Morocco and Polisario :

    1. Algeria : Algeria has nothing to do with the Western Sahara issue, it's between Morocco and Polisario.
    2. Morocco: All Sahrawis in the camps are detained and restricted from joining the mother land.
    3. Polisario: we are the only legitimate representative of the Sahrawi people.

    Hypocrites !

  10. Mohamed Brahim3:23 PM

    Hi Will! When i read the blog:Khalid Ibrahim Khalid postings," Polisario Confidential," i can only suspect one person whose style resemble the one in the Blog.. It is Mohamed Saleh Tamek. The Wali of Dakhla ( The Governor). He used to be an Englsih Teacher in Rabat at Mohamed 5 University. He knows the Conflict and knows the people and the Polisario. He is a Sahrawi and worked for the Moroccan governement as an interpreter before being appointed a governor late 90's. He got very involved in politics and "sold his soul to the devil". Anyway, I might be wrong but i strongly believe he is behind this. One more thing, Morocco seems never to be tired from spreading lies and brainwashing people. Is this something new?

  11. mohamed brahim,
    You have no proof that the culprit behind the propaganda website in question is who you think "might be". He could be, but you're not comming up with the necessary proof
    and speculating does not help in finding the truth.

    There is no need on mentioning someone's name unless there is irrefutable proof involving the person in question. Its unnecessary, I believe, and more importantly,unfair.

  12. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Ya right! The only Sahrawi in the world who knows polisario and writes in English is the guy you mentioned his name! All other Sahrawis who have ph.d in English they only know how to write in Chinese!You are genius!!! Keep on your analytic expertise !Ignorant !!!

  13. Anonymous7:23 AM

    I wonder if this Polisario Confidential site is not one of the propaganda site set up by Morroco-hired consultants as described here:
    One of those sites is

  14. I'm not sure what the whole Chinese PhD thing means, but I agree with WSO/Khatry that we shouldn't call people out until there's more evidence that they're behind it. Mohammed, do you have any other evidence that Mohamed Saleh Tamek is behind these sites?

    Awesome comment, anonymous person with the French article. Even through Google Translate I can see that's exactly what we're talking about. But why did they call the article "How Moroccans have won the battle of the net"? Hardly.

  15. Anonymous4:01 AM

    all of you should leave tamek mohamed saleh alone.
    thanks Mr Tamek. because of what you tought me i hang out with the clintons and the bloombergs now. i wish i could shake your hand again

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