Friday, January 25, 2008

Inky Fingers: Algeria's government and a free press

The Algerian government might not be so different from Morocco's, after all--at least in the area of press freedom. While the Moroccan government was busy trying to assassinate Ali Lmrabet, the Algerian government got control of all the country's ink, as well as its papers and main printing presses.

I knew the Algerian government didn't exactly support a free press, but that's ridiculous. Like everyone else I appreciate Algeria's support for Western Sahara, but there's no excuse for that gross a violation of freedom of the press.

Speaking of Algeria, has anyone seen or read Bab el-Oued? I'm reading it for my Middle East class and so far it's terribly written, at least in translation.

Flickr photo from Filtran.


  1. Anonymous8:41 PM

    If the Algerian government really supported the freedom of sahrawis, it wouldn't oppress the freedom of speach of algerians. This is just one example that shows that the Algerian authorities don't give a dam about W.S. They just use the Polisario as a puppet to annoy Morocco as much as possible.

  2. Mostly true, I think, though the relation between ink and Sahrawis isn't entirely clear. Algeria definitely has political interests in the issue, but then so has Morocco.

    As usual, the best solution seems to be to ask the Western Saharans themselves what they want.

  3. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Police arrests fraudster for identity theft of Moroccan prince on Facebook
    Rabat, Feb. 6 - Moroccan security authorities arrested on Wednesday an engineer for allegedly stealing the identity of King Mohammed VI's younger brother, Prince Moulay Rachid, on the Internet site Facebook, police sources reported.

    Twenty-six-year-old Fouad Mourtada, single, was arrested in Casablanca over villainous practices linked to the alleged theft of the identity of the price.

    It is worth mentioning that members of the royal family have neither web sites nor blogs, and the only official way to obtain information about them was through the portal of the Maghreb Arab press Agency (MAP-national).
    Last modification 02/06/2008 05:39 PM.
    ©MAP-All right reserved

  4. Villainous practices? Being a member of the Moroccan royal family and profiting off Sahrawi phosphates strikes me as decidedly more villainous than making a Facebook profile.

  5. The Lounsbury9:22 AM

    Having stumbled on this by accident I must say it is surreal to read a ... apparently serious comparison of press standards between Morocco and Algeria.

    Algeria is a bloody Sovietesque police state. The Royal gov in Morocco, for all its faults and cretinous behaviour in re the bloody Saharan wastelands, has opened up for (ex Saharan issues) among the freest presses in the whole MENA region.

    Bloody activists, you're all bloody one-note loons.

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