Saturday, January 05, 2008

Dakar Rally cancelled

The Dakar Rally, a car race that goes from Portugal to Senegal, passing through Western Sahara, has been canceled because of threats made by part of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. Just another case of religious fundamentalists ruining someone's fun.

The Dakar Rally got into trouble in the past when it scheduled a route through Western Sahara but didn't ask Polisario's permission.


  1. Laroussi5:38 PM

    The Dakar rally is not "a car race". It's a race with cars, motorcycles and... trucks. :)

    Besides this "technicality", the rally has had several problems with security over the years, of which Polisario has been the least one.

    Last year for example the route was changed and did not enter Mali as planned, due to terror threats there. And in 2004 several stages of the rally was cancelled for the same reason.

  2. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Polisario also created problems for the Rallye before. The Front said the organizers needed its authrozation to pass through the Western Sahara. Some kind of firework to make the headlines.

  3. Laroussi10:38 PM

    Of course the organizers of the Dakar rally should ask Polisario for permission when passing through Polisario controlled territory. Even when passing through Moroccan controlled parts of Western Sahara it is wise to first contact Polisario, since any commercial activity may be seen as part of deepening the ongoing Moroccan occupation.

    Just like you don't drive through someone's yard with just the permission from the neighbour...

    Here are two articles about the event. One from Afrol, and one from The Guardian.

  4. Laroussi6:49 PM

    Completely of topic but a news tip. Human Rights Watch slams Morocco for human rights abuses.

    Very nice and straight forward declaration. :)