Monday, December 03, 2007

Western Sahara Visa Card--Don't Leave Home Without It

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la Caixa, a Spanish bank, has released a SADR-themed credit card. I guess Western Sahara is so popular in Spain it's considered a good business move to associate yourself with it. la Caixa does a lot of charity work, according to Wikipedia, which makes me wonder if a certain amount of money on the card goes to Sahrawi groups.

It hit me on the head lately that the Western Sahara scene in Spain is huge, but I wasn't in contact with any Spaniards. That's been solved, thanks to the indispensable people at ARSO. With luck, soon I'll be telling you about their exploits and their tapas recipes.

Via the Norwegian Support Commitee


  1. Anonymous3:48 AM

    Hi Will

    Nice to hear from you again

    it is great idea.

    any know if this SADR Visa is available in other countries also


  2. Laroussi6:56 PM

    This is a Visa card from La Caixa, in Spanish Catalonia. So, you have to get an account in that savings bank in order to get the card.

    I suppose however that you can open an account at La Caixa without actually living in Spain.

    Call La Caixa and ask them how! :)

  3. I'm moving to Spain specifically to get a la Caixa card. Not really, but that'd be commitment. If you do that, tell me. It'll be a good blog post.

  4. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Moroccan sahraouis are striking back at Polisario and Algeria. A sahraoui association is preparing to sue several Polisario and Algerian officials in a Spanish court for torture and other human rights violations. The list contains Khadad (coordinator with the MINURSO and ex-head of security), Ghali (Spain), Ali Beiba (prime minister) and others.
    The law suit was predicted after that Polisario sued Moroccan officials for similar accusations. The Pandora box is now open and we will see where does it lead. Next episode, a lawsuit against Spanish nice exploits in the Sahara and the Rif (Go to the library to know what I am talking about), and there you go for another 3 decades of lawsuits and counter-lawsuits. Thanks Polisario for your short sightness.

  5. very nice card, thank you for the La Caixa, in Spanish Catalonia for this big job and for supporting the sahraoui people

  6. Anonymous, give a player a link. What Sahrawi organization is this? I'm hoping highly-legitimate CORCAS.

  7. Anonymous10:33 AM

    What is a "legitimate" organization ? One that is composed of sahrawis ? One that is composed of elected sahrawis ? One that is composed of sahrawis who want to be independent ? One that is composed of sahrawis who defend being Moroccan ?

  8. Anonymous1:14 AM

    Will- If you're 19 as your profile says you're excused for your naivete- I suggest you read the geo-political history of the area to understand the causes of the problem- Beyond any romantic idea of the Sahara desert and freedom fighters (actually Che and Fidel were fighting with Polisario against Morocco!)and its people. I'd like you to instead help solve this problem by supporting peaceful resolution- An autonomy is also self-determination-

    Think how the Yankees had to fight to keep the the South in the Union. The South being part of the States did not mean loss of freedom on the contrary... Just imagine the Soviet Union or Hitler being present then and helping the South to get their independence- Imagine Willie writing about all those poor people of the SOuth fighting for freedom and indepedence...And if they had credit cards back then picture yourself buying one with the dixie flag on it! Now leave Morocco slone we have a nation to rebuild from History.

  9. UnionistSahraoui9:42 AM

    Well, is that what sahraouis living in tindouf camps in Algeria need to live better ? I don't think so that a visa card will improve their life conditions especially that sahraouis in Tindouf camps have no idea about how a global banking system is working. The money is outside the camps and there is no GAB, no bank...It's well known that cataluna is fighting for its independance and supporting the separatist polisario front fight as well. FYI, Corcas is composed of 141 unionist sahraouis representing all tribes of the region of Sahara. In fact, when we are 19' or we don't have any idea about the veracious history of the conflict and the genese of the polisario front it's better to let the UN do the job to reconciliate all sahraouis with their commun history. Thanks.

  10. UnionistSahraoui11:07 AM

    What another manipulation of the Polisario ! You can't be serious.

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