Friday, December 28, 2007

Together Foundation gets a forum

I like to keep up with the Together Foundation, to make sure they're not cooking up any more questionable slavery accusations. That's why it was exciting to discover the Together Foundation now has a forum!

There's only one board so far, Western Sahara, moderated by GT (no doubt Russian import export and Together Foundation member Gregory Temkin). It doesn't work right now, but check out the URL on the Western Sahara forum:


Old habits etc.


  1. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Hi Will
    U r doing good Job..

    It looks that the Forum is till off
    But I noticed that this “Foundation” is concentrating only on Polisario issue. They is also many kinds of “slavery” in the Moroccan society even worse…why they don’t write on that too?

    They are talking about “Slavery “ in the refugees camps. No one can confirm that is exist there even the NGO organizations who are controlling “everything” there for many years.
    If there is a kind of Slavery in the camps. The Spanish media should talk about that before believe me.

    Also I noticed that all the pictures figured in their website are originally published by “Moroccan” medias and not known for saharawis

    It look for me that is some kind of “pre-paid lobbing” here or “political pressure “ on Polisario and their leaders before going to negotiation table…… but this need more investigation maybe from people like You

    If they cant show that is real slavery exist there. they have to apologize for Polisario and their people and /or pay indemnity to these poor refugees


  2. Laroussi10:46 AM

    Western Sahara Resource Watch gets its own site.

  3. It did, Laroussi. Thanks for pointing that out. The WS internet expands!

    Desertman, good to hear from you again. We were never quite able to figure out the relationship between Morocco and the Together Foundation, and Rob Holley of MACP said he didn't know anything about it. I'm sure someday it'll all be clear.

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