Saturday, December 01, 2007

Children of the Clouds released on Youtube

Filmmaker Carlos Gonzalez has put a new version of his Western Sahara documentary, Children of the Clouds, on Youtube. Gonzalez snuck into Western Sahara and got dynamite images of abuse until Morocco kicked him out and accused him of being a spy. If Morocco's so afraid of this guy that they had to accuse him of being a Venezuelan spy, you know he's good.

When I mentioned Children last time I reserved judgment on its veracity since only one guy was interviewed, but now it's stuffed with interviews with activists (a feast of Amidanes!), demonstration footage, and bruises from Moroccan torture. Here's Part 1. Part 2's here.

  • One student says Moroccan secret agents infiltrate schools, even using teenagers to spy. It's a Moroccan 21 Jump Street!
  • Brahim Numria says the reason Morocco is so brutal to teenagers and even young children is that it doesn't want them to "grow in the struggle" like Palestinians. That sort of makes sense, but surely Morocco knows beating people up for what they believe doesn't dissuade them from believing it.
  • I'm fond of Brahim Amidane, possibly a cousin of the other Amidanes. He and his friends shout "No alternative but self-determination" at Moroccan cops. I wish I had known that much international law when I was his age.
We should all be glad that Carlos decided to release this on the internet. I've been dabbling in Swaziland activism lately, and we're having a difficult time getting a new movie, Without the King, about repression in Swaziland. It hasn't been released yet, but it's ready to go. The filmmaker's being a jerk about it and wouldn't even send a copy for a film festival. All the more bully for Carlos!


  1. Fabulous!! This is cool.

  2. Laroussi5:30 AM

    Tobey Shelley visits Nouadhibou and talks to the "Sons of the Clouds" who are not prepared to renounce their rights to self-determination but are ready to take up arms again.

    It will be very interesting to see what will be decided at the congress now in December.

  3. Thanks Laroussi. I love the Shelley.

  4. Anonymous8:59 AM


    Thanks for mentioning the Swazi doc and I too am still trying to get hold of it.

    The director/producer must be a real friend of king Mswati and willing to exploit the oppressed in Sd for his own "artist purposes"!