Friday, December 14, 2007

Bomb attacks in Algeria

Bombings killed 67 people in Algiers Tuesday, including 11 United Nations Development Program employees. As you might expect, I'm sad for the people killed and hope Algeria gets the people responsible.

If something this senseless can still teach a lesson for Western Sahara, it's that turning to attacks on civilians will only injure the cause of Sahrawi independence. There's been the usual rumblings lately from Polisario that it is considering a return to war, and that's their right (even though I think it will be ineffective at best).

But whoever wins the Congress this week (I hear it's a real horse race) and the Sahrawis under the occupation should eschew attacks on civilians. I don't know what the people who made the bombs in Algiers want, but I know they killed innocent people and that makes me predisposed against them. The same thing will happen to the Sahrawi agenda if a bomb goes off in El Aiaun.

Via Western Sahara Info