Sunday, October 28, 2007

Updates a go-go


  1. Laroussi4:27 PM

    And the site of the SADR embassy in Algeria is down... Replaced by some kind of comercial site

  2. Laroussi8:23 PM

    It's a big Boo! I just wonder who I should shout it to... How can they close the embassy site???

  3. Somebody probably forgot to pay the bills, I'm sure it will be back.

    But when will Will arrange for a tastier blog design? This one's hideous.

  4. Ah, you know my style sheets messed up. I'm a busy man! Besides, the Algerian embassy also runs my blog and they're a little tied up.

  5. Folks,

    The sort of good news: WHOIS indicates that the domain name did not change hands. Does someone want to e-mail - preferably someone who knows Arabic?


  6. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Hi Willl

    I liked this:

    “…Through an impressive piece of research, a US blogger this week forced a pro-Moroccan propaganda campaign down on its knees…”

    How you do it? You are now a famous blogger. May soon all cable news will talk about you. No body did it before. Even countries with bln of oil barrels cant do it before !!!!

    You did a good job FREE for indigenous Saharawis who don’t have chance to talk on their issue…great. Go ahead

    Desertman ( Desertman like One hump or Two is a reserved mark !:)

  7. There's only one Desertman, that's for sure. Why don't you get a blog yourself?

    Posts soon, everyone. I plan on writing about the Australian demonstration that happened last month, but my computer's messing up and I've been cursed with an enormous liberation theology paper.

  8. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Moroccan leaders investigated for genocide by Spain.

  9. Laroussi6:18 PM

    The news from Spain about Garzon initiating investigations about the Moroccan genocide in Western Sahara is great news! :)

    Hopefully the story will spread to Moroccan media as well.

  10. Anonymous11:51 PM

    It all started with a press release from the little-known Together Foundation that claimed slaves are held in the Sahrawi refugee camps in Algeria. The release was based on allegations put forward by two Australian filmmakers.

    The news surprised Western Sahara watchers, and not just because of the serious nature of its charges. But who was really behind the unknown US-based Together Foundation?

    “When I read the release, I was surprised because I had never heard of them, and neither had anyone I know who follows Western Sahara,” US blogger Will Sommer said.

    After a series of posts on his blog One Hump or Two?, Summer not only revealed the organization’s dubious character, but has now forced its entire board of advisors to resign.

    The day after the Together Foundation’s press release came out, Sommer called the listed PR contact, Philippe Elghouayel, also the Foundation’s president. According to Sommer, Elghouayel was dismissive on the phone, and kept demanding to know where Sommer was calling from. He gave Sommer the Foundation’s website, which listed the Foundation’s members and its board of advisors.

    The next day, Sommer wrote a post on his blog about the Foundation and its press release. He wasn’t able to find out much about the Foundation, which according to its website started in 2005. Then, he listed the board of advisors, a three member group that included the director of the Maghreb Center, a Washington-based North African think tank. Other than that, though, little was known about the board of advisors.

    Sommer did, however, find more information about Elghouayel, the Foundation’s president. He was formerly in charge of the United Nation Development Program’s Russian office, but resigned under a fraud investigation. Later on, Western Sahara blogger Alle at Western Sahara Info found a Russian UN document saying Elghouayel briefly was the head of MINURSO.

    The day after Sommer published his post, another Western Sahara blogger, Chasli at Western Sahara Endgame, noticed that two members of the board of advisors —Emily Toll and Steve Pershing— had disappeared from the website. Elghouayel insisted their resignations had nothing to do with the Foundation’s recent notoriety.

    A couple of hours later Sommer talked on the phone with another member, who claimed he had never been asked to be on their board of advisors. He soon disappeared from the website as well, meaning the board of advisors was no more.

    “A couple of days later Philippe Elghouayel called me in a far different tone than when we spoke last”, Sommer said. Elghouayel said the board of advisors had been “scared off” by the blog posts.

    The Foundation even changed its stance, with Elghouayel saying he had doubts about the Australian filmmakers’ slavery claims. According to the Together Foundation’s website, they’re now working with the Polisario Front to send an investigative team to the refugee camps in Algeria.

    Some questions still remain unanswered, according to Sommer.

    “There’s a Russian connection that I can’t figure out,” Sommer said. “First, Elghouayel worked at the Russian UNDP office. Secondly, Temkin, the Foundation’s webdesigner, runs a company that prepares products for export to Russia. And thirdly, a Russian journalist named Ilia Baranikas has written articles using Together Foundation’s talking points.”

    The bigger question, though, is who backed the Together Foundation. Robert Holley, the director of the Moroccan lobbying group the Moroccan-American Center for Policy, denied a connection with the group.

    “I’m not sure it was backed by the Moroccan government or Moroccan agents,” Sommer said. “I guess they’re more competent than this. Either way, I think it’s a victory both for the budding Western Sahara blogging scene and for anyone who’s interested in accurate information about Western Sahara.”

    this is really nice short story i mean it has all the ingredient to become a very good movie guess who's the film star yep you guessed it its new hollywood mega-star (((will sommer))

    it'll be produced in assossiation with poliarsso propopaganda films

    sound trainee
    chaslie blogger

    costume,wardrobe& makeup
    alle blogger

    film star
    will one hump or 2

    the name of the movie
    russian connection

    as for judge garzon its just a load noise been orchestrated by a bunch of spanish oragnisation who support poliarsso

  11. Garzon isn't really a guy to toss accusations around to tickle Polisario (he started the whole prosecuting Pinochet thing, after all).

    I would definitely see that movie, but I don't think I'd star in it. Chasli's rugged face and whip-smart charisma are perfect for the movie theater.

  12. Anonymous2:32 PM

    it look that " Will $ others action " was painful for "some moroccons"

    dont surprise if they will/want/ to take revange !!!!

  13. Anonymous2:40 PM


    Soldiers of the UN pillage and destroy archaeological deposits in the liberated territories of the Western Sahara, with a big historical value and an antiquity of more than 80.000 years
    Soldados de la ONU expolian y destruyen yacimientos arqueológicos en los territorios liberados del Sáhara Occidental, con un gran valor histórico y una antigüedad de más de 80.000 años

  14. I have to look into that (i.e. Google Translate) but that looks awful.