Friday, October 19, 2007

Koalagate's blowing up--Together Foundation advisors disappear from website

The Together Foundation is getting shadier by the day. As Chasli of Western Sahara Endgame pointed out, Emily Toll and Steve Pershing dropped off the Board of Advisors sometime last night. I've left messages with Emily Toll and Steve Pershing who might be the right ones, so something on that will come up soon.

I talked to the president of the Together Foundation (it's his voice on the Foundation's voice mail) and he confirms that he used to be in the UN Development Program, but says he wasn't caught up in the fraud investigation. He didn't sound too happy to talk with me, and said Toll and Pershing just left because they felt like it.

More as it comes in!

UPDATE: There's a strange Russian connection developing. Philippe worked at the UN Development Program office for Russia, and Gregory Temkin runs Russian Standard, a company in New York that does registering and certifying for US goods being exported to Russia.


  1. Will,
    Here is more. The website is listed in the registry database under:
    Admin Name: Gregory Temkin
    Admin Org: Rosstandard
    Mr. Gregory Temkin, happens to be, also, the President and CEO of Russian Standard Ltd.

    More to come....

  2. Nice, Khatry! Did you get that from whois?

  3. Also, what's up with the Russian connection?

  4. -Philippe Elghouayel, the contact listed on the press release, and who you called, was - ALSO - the UNDP representative in Russia !!!

    - Talal Belrhiti is a Moroccan 'scholar" and the director of the Maghreb Center.
    You can read here an article he wrote were -unsurprisingly- you can tell was side he is in:

  5. Will,
    Yes, it was from the whois database.

  6. The Russian Connection?

    Well, it seems that Gregory Temkin, Eugene Piskunov are Russians living in NY. Philippe Elghouayel (who I believe is Tunisian, not confirmed yet) was the UNDP representative in Russia, currently in NY, as well. Talal Belrhiti is a Moroccan pro-Makhzen.

    Join the dots !!!

  7. Who's Eugene Piskonov?

  8. Eugene Piskunov: was listed also on the board. See the 'cached' page: (I'll send the URL in two pieces, copy and paste in one line)

    -On Violeta Ayala: You can have a sneak view at some of her comments in this post, (no comment):

  9. about.htm+Eugene+Piskunov

    (This is the second part of the URL)

  10. Is there a way we could cache the entire site?

  11. You can grab the cached pages one by one, or you can download the whole website (about 6 or 7 pages) at it's current status.
    -I already have a copy of it !

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