Thursday, September 13, 2007

What do you think Khat Achahid is up to?

Khat Achahid is the ineffective dissident movement inside Polisario. How ineffective are they? They don't release communiques in English!

Sahara Occidental has their new press release in Arabic, Spanish, and French. What does it say? My rudimentary Spanish makes me think they're giving up fighting with Polisario, but I might be misinterpreting.

If anyone from Khat Achahid is reading this, you should start releasing English communiques too.

UPDATE: Apparently, my Spanish is even less hot than I thought. Khat Achahid is castigating Polisario for even talking to Morocco about autonomy. Alle has a translation and commentary.


  1. No, it seems they're saying that the Polisario leadership is useless, because it agreed to even discuss autonomy with Morocco, and because it or Algeria has been meddling with passport issuance for Sahrawis in preparation for the congress. And it's a threat: if things aren't set straight and reforms initiated during the upcoming congress, they will break with Polisario for good (and they seem to be demanding Abdelaziz's resignation as part of those reforms, though they don't say it outright). They don't seem very hopeful, however.

    Quite serious for Polisario, especially if they then break ranks on negotiations also -- there's nothing Morocco wants than to be able to play off different Polisario factions against each other, and then sign a deal with any one of them and say the conflict is over. So I can certainly understand the main Polisario leadership's insistence on sticking to one unified organization, but on the other hand, that's not going to work if they refuse to share power within it. A self-inflicted wound, it would seem.

  2. sahraoui9:22 AM

    do you really think morocco cares what happen btw those two faction
    both of them are useless they didn't achieve nothing for those countless people who've been held against their will for too long
    what the point having a president without a country what does he do
    nothing he is a president of the largest prison on this planet
    what a waste

  3. sahraoui: yes, i think cares extremely much about that.

    will: here's a translation.

  4. Thanks for the translation, Alle. I'll update the post soon.

    If Morocco isn't paying attention to potential divisions in Polisario, then they're tactical idiots. Better for Polisario!

  5. sahraoui1:59 PM

    the only idiot in here is you my friend you need to get out travel the world you may learn many things

  6. Hey Saharoui or Morrocan or whatever you are..

    First of all have some respect for yourself and for other people. This place is for discussion not for insulte and second of all the people in the refugee camps are not held against their will their land were takend from them...Mybe you should educated yourself little bite more in the matter betweent Western Sahara and Morroco... and third of all yeah we care about what goes on between the Polisario and the Khat Achahid cause is a part of Western Sahara conflict.

  7. Laroussi4:26 PM

    Will: what ever happened to your blog's design? It doesn't look very good now.

  8. Seriously? What browser are you looking at it in? I'll check it in IE. It looks fine in Firefox. Thanks for the tip.

    Have I been h8cked?