Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Morocco Board's picture galleries are like Flickr for people who hate referenda

We already knew that the people behind Morocco Board, the Moroccan-American community website, love blogs. But did you know that they also love digital photography?

The one at left was taken at the Congressional hearing on Western Sahara. Check out Toby Shelley doing his best Chris Hitchens impressions while SADR ambassador to the UN Mouloud Said and US-Western Sahara Foundation director Suzanne Scholte wave to Morocco Board's photographer. For some reason, the gallery calls it "Western" Sahara, even though I think everyone agrees it's the western side of the Sahara. Ambassador Said comes off looking amazingly shifty: check out this picture of him with a manila envelope.

Khalihenna ould Rachid explaining autonomy pictures are less fun. The reception afterwards, though, looks like it got pretty wild. Check out Kelly doing the robot and so deep in his cups, he can't keep his head up. A protest held at the Algerian embassy to free the Moroccan POWs isn't as amusing, since they should've been freed, but check out the dude with the violin: he brings it everywhere.

For me, these pictures demonstrate what I'm missing for not writing about how much I love autonomy, as if to make me think "If only I had switched when Ambassador Mekouar gave me the chance!" I'm pretty happy rolling with Sahrawis, though.


  1. Anonymous3:30 AM

    About those Moroccan POWs who should've been freed... they have been freed indeed about a year ago or am I mistaken?

  2. I don't know about when, but they were recently freed.

  3. Laroussi11:01 AM

    "they were recently freed"

    Recently??? The last ones were freed two years ago in 2005.

    The prisoners of war were to be released as part of the ceasefire treaty between Morocco and Polisario, before holding the referendum about independence for Western Sahara.

    Morocco's refusal to hold the referendum is mainly what delayed the release.

    Now the prisoners are free but Morocco still refuses to hold a referendum on independence.

    Lesson learned? You tell me.

  4. Anonymous11:46 AM

    The Moroccan POW were held in Algeria, but Morocco didn't have the courage to ask Algeria to free them, because the king of Morocco is more concerned about the stability of his seat than about soldiers craving in the Algerian desert, with other sahrawis.

  5. Laroussi, when I said recently I meant in the past couple of years. I know it's inaccurate, but I had an article due in an hour and couldn't look it up. I should've been more precise.

    I understand that the POWs were still held because Morocco didn't follow through on its end of the Settlement Plan. I also recognize Morocco didn't do anything about the many Sahrawi "disappeared."

    But the POWs were imprisoned in such horrendous conditions, I think it's better for everyone that they were released, whether or not there was a political agreement to facilitate it.

  6. Polisario released more Morrocan Prisioners and what Morrocan have done about the violentthat goes in the Occupied Terriotory everyday and the Referadum? Here is a video about released Morrocan prisioners..

  7. Laroussi6:22 AM

    "the POWs were imprisoned in such horrendous conditions"

    Sure enough, but war is never a tea party.

    Had the agreement on cease fire been fulfilled by Morocco from the start the POW:s could have been released 15 years earlier.

    Now all the Moroccan prisoners of war have been freed, but as Agaila points out the Moroccan atrocities in the occupied territories only continue and no referendum is to be seen...

  8. Anonymous9:25 AM

    thanks will for the pictures they are nice pure and simple Moroccan hospitality this is how you do business with mint tea laughter and joy not like stupidos poliarsso
    who are good just in lies and propaganda they should learn from khalihenna the ex polisario

  9. Ooh, I'm going to have to call you on that. Khalihenna's never been a member of Polisario.

  10. Anonymous12:23 PM

    will that shows your ignorance about the conflict
    of course khalihenna was part of poliarsso

  11. ignorance indeed, dear. khellihenna was never part of POLISARIO. they denounced him as a colonial puppet well before 1975, and he in turn denounced them as "communists".

    instead he was the leader of PUNS, which was a "nationalist" party set up by the spanish and tasked with demanding internal autonomy (later changed to "independence in association" with spain). the franco regime then gracefully accepted their request, pointing to PUNS for proof of how autonomy, and later "associated independence", was the deeply held desire of the sahrawi people.

    but that was ages ago, of course. nowadays he's the paragon of independent leadership.

  12. Anonymous3:37 PM

    of course Khalihenna NEVER been in Polisario
    for one simple reason. he support Spain against W. Sahara independants. and later he supported Morrocon Army against Saharawis. so for saharawis he is just a t...

    for all saharawis
    ok. morrocans too

  13. That's right. Happy Ramadan to all Muslims, no matter your feelings on Western Sahara.

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