Monday, September 03, 2007

Monday Fun and Shames: Black Prison edition

Tarruzi Yehdih, a former Sahrawi political prisoner and member of CODESA, recently got out of the Black Jail of El Aauin. His description of jail life is horrifying, and a must-read for people interested in human rights in Western Sahara.

For today, though, I'll focus on a list of names Yehdih provides. He says these men abuse Sahrawis inside the prison. I have no corroboration that these men are torturers or otherwise violate human rights, but I hope the dissemination of this list will expose those who are.

List of the torturers and the main outstanding “lords” of the “Black Jail” of El AaiĂșn:

1- Abd-Lilah Az-zunfri: Director of the jail.
2- Mohamed Al-mansuri: President of the detention centre.
3- Mohamed Al-buhzizi: Vice-president of the detention centre.
4- Abd Al-ali Al-buhnani: Vice-president of the detention centre.
5- Abdelkader Ait Sus: Responsible for general works.
6- Abderrahim Al-harruchi: Responsible for construction and general work in the jail.
7- Abderrazag Mugtasam: Responsible for the visits and the searching of possessions.
8- Jamal Beiruk: President of the Section or the centre.
9-Abdelhag Wahbi: Searching.
10- Ahmed Alharrag: President of the judiciary office of the jail(director of the third level).
11- Yusef Al-manur: President of the judiciary office(director of the third level).
12- Ismail Bachari: President of a sector.
13- Idris Butib: Nurse.
14- Mustafa Al-azizi: Nurse.
15- Yusef Butiglidin: Nurse.
16- Abdelhag Fartamis: He was transferred to “Ramani Jail”.
17- Abdelhakim: He was transferred to the central prison of Al-kinetra.

I'm not sure what he means by "lords," or whether the last two who are listed as transferred are guards or prisoners. It'd also be interesting to know how many are Moroccans and how many are Sahrawis.

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