Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Malainin Lakhal, badass

The young women at Zeina have a great interview with Malainin Lakhal, the secretary-general of Union of Sahrawi Journalists and Writers. Malainin has effectively presented the Sahrawi case to the world, especially in Australia and New Zealand (this picture comes from AWSA--thanks, my little kookaburras), and this work is well-known. What you might not known is that Malainin is also tough who chose a dangerous flight into exile over submission to Morocco:
"I am initially an activist, a poet and a “trouble-maker” to use the words of the Moroccan authorities when I was living in the occupied zone of Western Sahara. I was born and I lived in the occupied city of El Aaiun until 2000, when I was forced to flee the territory, crossing the Moroccan military berm in a three days and three nights dangerous journey through the desert and landmines."
Malainin also tries to persuade angry young Sahrawis to choose non-violence. Blogs, not bombs:

"Many voices within the Saharawi youth start to call for war and resuming war and this is a pity, because to me we had never stopped fighting. We have always been in war against the Moroccan colonialism, the only difference is that we are now using new weapons, the demonstration, the sit-in, the word, Saharawi political prisoners and activists in the occupied zones are giving their blood and bodies as weapons and sacrifice for the sake of freedom."

They should have an interview with me up soon. Mine may or may not include escapes over minefields.


  1. Anonymous3:43 AM

    EH Project: Summary August 1
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    The Government of the Western Sahara officially requested the .EH ccTLD Delegation to IANA on the 23rd of November of 2005. Then, several meetings were held among Saharawi Government representatives, IANA staff and some ICANN Board members at Sao Paulo ICANN Meeting in December 2006.

    In the meantime, broad documentation about this Information Society Development Project in the Western Sahara has been gathered and sent to IANA. All the documentation submitted shows that the delegation will fit the interests of the local Internet community (it includes demonstration of local support), and it shows that the organization which will run the TLD registry fulfils all the technical requirements

  2. I got a Google Alert about it. If the decision is openly made, it'd be worth it to lobby IANA to give it to SADR. Giving it to Morocco would just legitimize the occupation.

  3. Laroussi5:32 PM

    I got the same Google Alert. It sounded as if the decision still was open, and since IANA has given the .ps domain to the Palestinian Authority why shouldn't it give .eh to SADR?

    A web/e-mail campaign in support of the SADR's claim sounds like a good idea.

    I wonder however who is to run the TLD registry. They don't have the technology to do so in the camps.

  4. Could they contract it out to a firm? I doubt Tuvalu has the technology to run its massive domain.

  5. What's what actually many countries (small) have done. Contract it out.

  6. That's what I figured. I'm sure Polisario (or Algeria, what's the diff) could spare some cash for server space. I would totally buy a domain on .eh.

  7. Anonymous5:05 PM

    i really liked the interview and also do think that it had some important points. Nevertheless, i was wondering, what sort of message did you Will want to get across by headlining your entry with "Malainin Lakhal, badass"? I thought that was an English slang and really inappropriate to point people with!

  8. Laroussi8:07 PM

    About the top domain, I am sure that SADR has planned on letting someone else run their TLD registry.

    I am curious however to know who and under what conditions.

    It wouldn't be nice to find out later on that the top domain actually has been sold out.

  9. It is English slang, but it's slang for a tough dude. I think someone who gets chased out of Western Sahara by Morocco is a badass indeed.

  10. Laroussi11:42 AM

    Badass, according to "Urban dictionary".

  11. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Me parece que la vena de la lengua pasa por tu culo porque hablas mucha mierda!

  12. Anonymous5:45 PM

    you just a bunch of errorist A dumbass.
    Bush is talking on tv again. What a fucking errorist.

  13. Laroussi7:32 PM

    About the .eh domain.

    Otherwise "delete" seems to be a key on the keyboard that some anonymous visitors use far too seldom... sea en español o inglés.

  14. Anonymous9:07 PM

    thanks Will for explaining what you meant by "badass". I don't understand American slang all the time! I totally think he [Malainin]is very strong and one of our Saharawi heroes

  15. About the TLdomain management look at the .EH project presentation which mentions the creation of a non-profit foundation, including the SADR Gov and other bodies, to manage the technical aspects: