Monday, September 10, 2007

Children of the Clouds has video of Moroccan occupation

ASVDH linked to this fantastic short documentary, Children of the Clouds. Watch it here. The filmmaker, Carlos Gonzalez, was able to get rare footage of a Sahrawi demonstration being suppressed by police. It's only ten minutes--check it out.

To encourage you, here are some of Children's highlights:
  • Gonzalez wrapping his face in a turban so Moroccans won't notice him
  • Footage of police blocking off a demonstration and dragging protesters away
  • A chase with the Moroccan police after being spotted
  • Two Sahrawi women, one of whose son has just been beaten in the demonstration, demanding independence
  • A lengthy interview with human rights activist Hamad Ahmad, who I haven't heard of. Anyone know about him?
The documentary doesn't have all of its footage, perhaps because Gonzalez was eventually expelled from Western Sahara and accused of being a Venezuelan spy. Interviewing more Sahrawis would've made the documentary more credible, but it's a fascinating look into life under Moroccan occupation.


  1. Laroussi7:50 AM

    Hmad Hammad (not Hamad Ahmad) is a well-known Saharawi human rights activist from El Ayoune.

  2. Mohamed BRrhim1:32 PM

    Hmad Hammad is a well-known human rights activist and was torturted many times by the moroccan regime in Western Sahara. He has benn very active in the intifada. He is also known for being a good spanish language speaker.He met with many NGO's and many journalists and reporters.He is also known for his public crticism of the spanish goverment which recently put him on its " Black List" and denied him a visa to go to Spain.
    As for Carlos Gonzales, he is a film director in Hollywood and produced this documentary film on Repression against Kids and specifically students in Western Sahara. He was arrested and interrogated for 8 hous t by the GUS ( Urban Police) leader Ichi Abu Alhassan for more than 8 hours.Later on, he was released and expelled from the Western Sahara. The movie trailer posted on his web site:, is ONLY a prt of the film but not the wholee film. There are many interviews in the film and most of them are with sahrawi kids from the occupied territory. You should wait a little bit more to watch the whole film soon.

  3. Thanks! He sounds like a reliable source. Correction coming.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the full version.

  4. Anonymous11:40 AM

    on behalf of people of western sahara and it's children am presenting my my deep gratitude to Carlos Gonzales the venzuilan film director for his work and efforts to make the documentary because it makes our issue more obvious and the real daily life of sahraoui people seems clear.we thank you so much Carlos Gonzales the humanity is proud of people like you who wants to picture the truth only the truth.

  5. matadorsahara11:06 PM

    good job senior Carlos Gonzales even they pretend in their shit newspaper Alsabah(it means the morning in arabic but i think it is darkness for the truth)that you are an envoy of the president hugo chavez and some lies like that in order to hide their true cruel face and to tell america indirectly that the polisario frent belongs to socialist comunity that hates america and it's policies and that what morocco tries to do since the very beginning of the conflict of western sahara but what they always forget is that it is our land either we are socialist or capitalist or whatever it is our right in selfdetermination that we fight for.i want also to mention to will who said that he has never heard about hmad hmmad that he is one of the famous activist in the domain of human rights violations in western sahara if you don't know him it is just and simply because you haven't been familiar with the sahara issue and it's activist,hmad hammad has always been at the front line in every demonstration on the field and also he was the spokesman of the sahraoui when interviewed,he has spended more than 8 months in prison for sahara for the right of self determination.