Monday, August 27, 2007

Notorious bastard Driss Basri is dead

Driss Basri, King Hassan II's Interior Minister and the man behind most of the repression in Western Sahara and Morocco's Years of Lead is dead in Paris at 69. He died in Paris because even Mohammed VI found him too repulsive and forced him into exile.

Driss Basri lived to be 69. Here are some people he didn't give that chance:
  • Hamdi Lembarki
  • Sahrawi refugees the Moroccan air force dropped napalm on
  • Mehdi Ben Barka, an anti-colonial Moroccan politician killed during the Years of Lead
Maybe someone will go on TV and Hitchens-Falwell him. He deserves it.


  1. Anonymous6:20 PM

    yes man driss basri was a monstrer
    and a very bad man he should have stand a trial for his crime
    so we must make sure that bush his father , tony blair , dick cheney , wolftzer and the rest of criminals to stand a trial and be punished for their war crimes
    so it is up to the american people to make sure those war criminals don't get away with it like basri

  2. I agree with you, though unless we're counting Panama I don't know any war crimes Bush 41 committed. Add Henry Kissinger to the list while you're at it.

    Driss Basri's death should encourage us to streamline up the International Criminal Court process. After all, that Spanish judge who prosecuted Pinochet filed suit against the Makhzen only a few months ago for the invasion of Western Sahara.

  3. Sahrawifil11:12 PM

    Good riddance. Bassri is probably already in hell trying to kiss the hand of his master King Hassan.
    What a sad end for a loyal subject of the Moroccan monarchy. Bassri always said that he was doing the job of the Moroccan King. Because nothing happens in the "enchanted" Kingdom without the agreement of "the Commander of the faithful".
    Will others like Basri in the Makhzen learn from his fate. Or will they choose to follow him to hell and hopefully before that to a court. Generals like Bennani, torturers and interior ministry officials should be tried for crimes committed against the Saharawis and against humanity.

  4. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks the world is better without Driss Basri. I hope the rest of the Makhzen members recognize his folly and supports a referendum. Of course, I also hope to win the lottery, and that's not going to happen.

  5. Anonymous8:51 AM

    come on will bush is number one war criminal he will always be remembered with abu gharib and gitmo prison where thousands of iraqi people been subjected to all kind of torture and suffering and still do to this day
    and we shouldn't forget the leader of polisario and his henchmen were hundreds and hundreds of sahrawi people been disappeared or tortured their kids have been shifted to cuba to work in sugar plantation , the slavery ..etc

  6. Basri was an arsehole, but he had nothing to do with Mehdi ben Barka -- that was Oufkir. Basri is not powerful until the late 1970s under Dlimi.

  7. One more for your collection of Driss Basri jokes.