Thursday, August 23, 2007

CNN presents the Sanjay Gupta of Western Sahara, but at least they're talking about it

CNN recently ran a pretty good report on Western Sahara. Anna Theofilopoulou makes an appearance, and it's not as unbalanced as The Washington Times. We even get shots of the famed Greentree Estate. Still, there were some issues.
  • Morocco and Mauritania fought each other over Western Sahara? I seem to have skipped that chapter in the books and articles I've read about it.
  • The anchorwoman says no one's dying in Western Sahara, demonstrating her inability to look up ASVDH, CODESA, or even leaked UN reports.
  • In the bottom bar they say people have alleged human rights allegations against the refugees in Tindouf. Fair enough. But if you're going to say that, then you have to mention the drastically more heinous human rights abuses inside Western Sahara.
But hopefully some people saw it, and the truth will set Western Sahara free etc.


  1. Laroussi6:25 AM

    The report was fairly balanced as you say, but with some major errors.

    Why don't you give CNN a call and ask them to correct their broadcast, or ask the Polisario representative in the US to do the same?

    As representatives of the Saharawi people they have a right to correction.

    By the way, don't you think Ahmed Bujari looks a bit like Al Pacino? ;-)

  2. funny you should say that. i watched a video with hassan II yesterday (from 1989), and realized he looked like kevin spacey. i think we're on to something here.

  3. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Hi Will
    hope u r doing well

    Knowing that this is CNN….This report is fairly and neutrally
    They said something saharawis like to hear of course Moroccans no :

    “….last decolonization conflict in Africa…”
    “…most oldest and most negl..”
    “...population of the territory acting in peaceful manner…are not making news “

    Saharawis want to hear more specially about their suffering in the occupied WS …but generally it is fair done report. Maybe this is the start point to let world hear about WS


  4. Correction emailed to CNN

  5. Seems as if they were hitting up anonymous bloggers -- like yours truly -- for expertise at the last minute. Perhaps this is why they said Morocco and Mauritania fought for Western Sahara before Morocco and Polisario started fighting. Ha!

    >Andrea Waade
    > Aug 15
    >CNN is currently doing a piece on the conflict in >Western Sahara and is looking for someone >knowledgeable on the topic in Washington D.C. >or New York City for a quick interview. We are in >a bit of a time crunch so would greatly >appreciate as quick of a response as possible. I >can be reached at or at
    >Thank you very much.
    >Andrea Waade

  6. Sahara-Watch, you're alive! Why didn't you drop in? You could've gotten a full time job as their Western Sahara expert.

  7. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Blogging: If minds had anuses, blogging would be what your mind would do when it had to take a dump

  8. That kind of talk is so 2003.

  9. Anonymous4:20 AM

    To: Andrea Waade

    For me Will is one of the best knowledgeable on Western Sahara issue
    People like Sahara watch too

    But if you want to talk to Western Sahara officials. Dr Sidi Omar , The Polisario representative in London is one of the well informed people and speak prefect English

    You can check also the Saharawi journalists union:
    They are well informed

    But better if you will able to reach one of the most powerful people who managed the WS issue for many years.: Mr James Baker III, former US State Secretary and former UN representative to Western Sahara.
    But unfortunately he cant find solution for this issue. Moroccans don’t give him any chance to close the deal.

    Anyway hope you will concentrate on the sufferance of saharawi people. This is important than what politicians will say.
    Good luck


  10. punchman6:34 PM

    what we have here , a very cozy gathering
    Mr will Correction its CNN africa a 15 minute show about africa once or twice a week
    morocco & mauritania never fought any war the only war morocco fought was against algeria lasted 3 days and was called the sand war
    the anchorwoman was right no one's dying in morocco sahara , so before you lecture morocco about its human rights you should tell us about what your country man & woman are doing in iraq and afganistan and what the story about abu gharib & gitmo prison where countless people have been held indefinitely without judge or jury .

    mr laroussi you still at it as usual spinning mr spin doctor and if you think that bujari looks like al pacino then you need a magnified specs lenses and you shouldn't wear them when its sunny you may cause what they call human combustion

    alle i think you have a sad and boring life you have nothing to do just to watch a video with the late king you need somebody to spice up your life may be a boyfriend if you are a girl or if you are a boy what the hell you can have a boyfriend too you know one of those weired creature.

    sahara-witchcraft never dies

    mr deserted man too much misinformation gives you headache
    mr will you know that asvdh and codesa are based in morocco

    so guys don't forget to criticize the up coming election in morocco I'll be looking forward to reading your comment with a pinch of salt

    adios gringos

  11. You're rolling with homophobia now too, Punchman? I'm glad to see you've diversified your insults since we last wrote.

    Anyway, I haven't been to Western Sahara, and I've never seen someone die there. But the United Nations has, and they seemed pretty sure about it. Why else do you think Morocco was so mad when that report about Hamdi Lembarki was leaked?

  12. Anonymous7:05 AM


    I was looking on the internet and found out in my best Dutch that there are people with opinions regarding the Sahara diskussion.

    I think a lot of Westerns don`t understand the dangour of this conflict. Most people don`t understand the geo-political, historical and cultural background of the Sahara. If you don`t know the facts don`t make a clear choice. You don`t know that you are playinh with fire.

    I am an original Amazigh! Morocco is changing and giving every group it`s rights. We must focus on autonomy of the regions within the Maghreb Union. No division but unity. Morocco consist of Riffi`s, Cleuh, Jbella, Soussa, Arabs, Moroccan Jews etc. These are all as different as they are alike. Polisario leadership is corrupt. The Sahroui`s who are my brothers are the victimes of a plot of the Sahroui leaders and Algerian hegemony in the Maghreb.

    Actually I think the whole of the Maghreb is 1 people, etchnic, culture and language. And there are so many sub-groups and tribes. If Morocco fals apart every tribe will demand it`s own governmant and we fall into great Anarchy, because the do not have the means and knowledge do govern! I ask you Sahroui`s lets unite and make Morocco a better country for our children and other future generations. I believe we can do this because we are as much different as we are the same!

    We are all similar, the whole of the Maghreb..And also more with the Sahroui`s in Algeria and Libia. The Sahroui`s in Morocco are not 1 group of people they are divided, There are Berbers and Arabs first of all. Most of the Sahroui`s are Arabised berbers( Imazighen) like me from the North of Morocco. We are the original inhabitants of the Maghreb. Look at the names in the Sahara and old rock paintings. Adrar Iforas etc. Please let us unite in the Maghreb!

    And of course Sahara has more to do with Mauritania. And also more with the Sahroui`s in Algeria and Libia. The Sahroui`s in Morocco are not 1 group of people they are divided, There are Berbers and Arabs first of all. Most of the Sahroui`s are Arabised berbers( Imazighen) like me from the North of Morocco. We are the original inhabitants of the Maghreb. Look at the names in the Sahara and old rock paintings. Adrar Iforas etc. Please let us unite in the Maghreb!

    No Moroccan can give his people and country awy. Progressive or Liberal I`t not logic. It is far to dangerous for 200.000 Sahroui`s to get a county as big as the North of Morocco with 30.000.000 people of all different backgrounds. Morocco is a multi cultural country, saffi And my dear Sahroui brothers you are brainwashed by the corrupt polisario leaders and Algerian politicians that we are different. This is a nationalistic joke. Even Moroccans and Algerians are the same!

    Of course I want the Sahroui`s to be free, free of Corrupt Polisario leadership, Algerian influence politics, instability.
    Com on 200.000 people can not govern a country that size! It`s crazy!

    Now they will get the chance under autonomy from Morocco to prove and govern themselfs.

    I want the Sahroui`s to be free and happy to and the best way is the Moroccan way. Compare Morocco to other countries in the Maghreb!