Monday, July 30, 2007

Where's ARSO?

ARSO, the grandpappy of Western Sahara websites, hasn't updated its invaluable news section in a month and a half. I thought I was just anxious for more news round-ups, but apparently not. The most recent news article covered June 3 through June 16th. Has the internet gone down in Switzerland?


  1. Hi Will, naughty boy !!
    You should know in Switzerland the computer are made of chocolate and in hot summertime they dont run so well !!!!
    Another explanation:
    Your web grandparents are a bit tired after so many years of work and need some rest.
    Young dynamic people like you should take over.
    Bon courage, cheers

  2. Well, when you feel rested clean up the mess from your melting computer and get back to work! Thanks for your confidence, but I can't take over the Western Sahara community's talking points memo.

  3. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Hi Will,
    the swiss realized the cheaty nature of those they were defending and they are tired of doing it. I love the diplomatic way they put it. May God lead you on the same path. LOL
    El Tiburon