Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Problems with Palestinians? Dump them in Western Sahara!

Not really worth a full post, but this post on a Windows Live blog (warning bells should already be going off) was weird enough to merit mention.

The writer seems concerned that Palestinians and Israelis aren't getting along. His solution is to move Palestinians to another country (huh), and he has several criteria for selecting that country. It has to be Muslim, Arab, sparsely populated, and not embroiled in conflict. Western Sahara, which for some reason isn't considered disputed, beats Central African Republic and Congo to win the Palestinians:
The "Western Sahara" with 266,000 people and 240,000 kilometers area (about the size of Colorado) seems a good candidate. The "Polisarios" or "Saharwis" (native movement) were able to get the nation of Mauritania to give up it's claim of the southern 1/3 it had claimed. Morocco now rules the northern 2/3's without any international recognition of it's claim. It is large, internationally without any recognition, has a small native populace, and 'ex-'palestinians' could be developed in conjunction with the native population. It is Islamic and Arab and available. It could be the new homeland for Palestinians without the current problems besetting them....


  1. punchman2:19 PM

    Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former

  2. The universe not being infinite would blow my mind. What would be after it? But then, I only took Conceptual Physics.