Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Morocco's unhappy with Italy's support for Polisario

While some rejoiced at the news that a chamber of the Italian parliament passed a resolution calling for diplomatic recognition of Polisario, the Moroccan government was less pleased.

A Moroccan diplomat said, "We can’t understand why, despite the government expressing its opposition, the Chamber approved a motion that amounts to a torpedo launched against the direct negotiations currently underway between the two sides." Morocco is so concerned now because it didn't mention its concerns at all when the United States endorsed autonomy.

The one sad thing about this article is that clarifies the Italian foreign ministry's position on Western Sahara--apparently, they don't want to recognize Polisario.

Moroccans living in Italy are planning to protest, which they ought to if they feel so strongly about it. They shouldn't lie, though. In the article, they claim Cuba is the only country with diplomatic relations with the Polisario Front. That will surprise South Africa, Algeria, 50 or so other countries, and the African Union.

Thanks to Laroussi for pointing me to this article


  1. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Morocco wants the Saharawis to be part of his corrupted regime:

    Check this out:

    Let's hope that this recognition will be official soon, and will be followed by so many more.

    Molto Gracie Italia!!

    And thanks Will for keeping us posted with Western Sahara news.


  2. punchman12:13 PM

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