Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fnaireiacs rejoice--more Fnaire and Western Sahara

New commenter Tangerino, who I'd call the new El Tiburon if El Tiburon weren't still around, pointed me to this music video from Fnaire, a Moroccan rap group.

I mentioned Fnaire before when I thought one of their music videos was ironic considering Morocco's treatment of Western Sahara, but this song, Yed El Henna, is definitely about Western Sahara. There's even a little Green March reenactment!

It's clear the Sahrawis are happy to see Fnaire invading their country. The question is, what is Fnaire rapping about? Is it related to Western Sahara, or just a shout-out to how cool Fnaire is (a fact I can't dispute)?

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