Monday, July 30, 2007

Comment of the week, 'Bongs Hit 4 Sahrawis' edition

In the grand tradition of the Comics Curmudgeon, I'm going to start highlighting a comment each week that particularly caught my eye.

In the future I'll be on the lookout for particularly well-reasoned argument on either side or Mohammed VI jokes. We'll kick it off, though, with a nod to inscrutability and narco-politics courtesy of an anonymous comment. Sic is implied.
let me give you a small advice if i may i think you should see your doctor (pronto) ,you may have what we call a moroccan syndrome luckily morocco does have a cure for such illness and the moroccans we'll be happy to help you (pronto)silly me i repeat the word pronto twice ,anyway this is what you need for your cure,you need to get your hands on couple of ounces of moroccan honey i think you know what i mean& you shouuuuld smoke couple of joint every night before your bedtime for 3 months and that my friend will do the trick , feel free to give my solution to your bodies,once you finish the cure you'll become in love with the moroccans
yous Moroccan formula
You laugh, but a smoke-up was part of the first Baker proposal.

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