Friday, June 29, 2007

Did Ban Ki-Moon say SADR should accept autonomy?

That's the question a lot of people are asking after this article from, "the Europe channel." Read some quotes from the article and you should be able to understand why it's so worrisome.
Morocco and the Polisario Front, both of which claim Western Sahara, should settle their dispute by accepting autonomy of the territory that was once a Spanish colony, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said Thursday...
He also urged the Polisario to accept autonomy and drop the call for independence for the territory.

"If the negotiations are to lead to a positive outcome, both parties must recognize that the question of sovereignty is, and always has been, the main stumbling block in this dispute, and it is in this highly sensitive area that a solution will need to be found," he said in a report to the council.
Western Sahara Info wasn't pleased, and deservedly so. I have to wonder, though--did this actually happen? The article said Ki-Moon's opinion was presented in a report to the Security Council Thursday. But if that's true, why aren't MAP, MarocPost, and Morocco Board running it? In fact, it's not mentioned on any website besides EUX.

If Ban Ki-Moon has changed the secretary general's traditionally supportive position, it'll be a serious setback but not a fatal one. SADR will be able to find new allies, and news from the territory suggests the people are still with it. Fortunately, the lack of attention this story is getting suggests it won't come to that.


  1. Laroussi9:10 AM

    As I just commented at Western Sahara Info the story is not from a Dutch TV station. It's from the German news agency DPA, although published by the TV channel.

    It is curious however why no other media has run the story, and as you might have noticed there is no quote from Ban Ki-moon where he actually says that the parties should accept autonomy.

    What he says however about sovereignty being "the main stumbling block" is not less surprising considering that he just recently talked about the Saharawi people's right to self-determination.

  2. 10 SADR pesetas to whoever finds the German original first.

  3. I've read the Secretary-general's report, and it doesn't seem to recommend autonomy.

  4. Me too, but "seem" could be the operative word here.

  5. hi,
    Firstly, thanks for your blg supporting western sahara liberty.
    Now as ws know, the moroccan try to validate his choice(autonomy) that we don't aprouve and we refuse it at all. no ban ki-moon nor some else can push sahraoui people/gouvernement to accept any illegal soulution to this old conflict. it's our sahara and and only we have a last word, and our last one is: no one can force as to accepte this autonomy.we will defond it by all the ways.
    we hop that will be resolved without probleme nor war, becouse we are a country who love peace.
    we invite all the world to visit occupied territories and each one can see by his own eyes the real masacre and the sad situation of sahraouis citizen liven under moroccan occupation: that's if you could reach there, also to visit released territories where you can see the suffering of sahraouis people in the refugiers camp.

  6. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Ban Ki-moon: I've Screwed Things Up So Badly I Have To Revise My Report
    [This is a note sent this weekend by Ban Ki-moon to some friends]

    In an attempt to break the stalemate, I drafted a report late on Friday last week, June 22 - and in a bold move to undermine international law - I called upon Morocco and the Polisario Front to settle their dispute by accepting autonomy of the Western Sahara. I had been toying with the idea for some time now, since Walsum came back from his last trip to see Abrams, in D.C.

    What was I thinking or......drinking?.

    My move raised eyebrows among some observers, particularly, the Algerians and South Africans. I mean, honestly, do these guys ever get distracted from events around this conflict? They often see more sinister motives behind my actions!

    I indicated in the report [ I tried to take it down ASAP from the website but some had already gotten to it ] to the Security Council that the parties failed in the most recent round of negotiations to agree on the definition of self- determination, which is considered the only way to settle their claim.

    Doesn't every one around here ALREADY agree on the definition of SELF-DETERMINATION? After all, this is the UN. Again, what was I thinking? Deep down, I think the word "self-determination" is overrated.

    The fact that the submission was unaccepted appears to be unprecedented in the annals of the UN Secretary-general's politics. None of my predecessors (Perez, Boutros, Annan...) has ever before screwed things up so badly. I mean, not even the former Wehrmacht intelligence officer (Waldheim), has drifted this far.

    I apologise, I shouldn't have trusted Walsum and this other guy who keeps calling me from Spain. They're making me look bad. But remember, I'm new to the job and as you can tell, I'm not yet well versed in english. I get confused with "autonomy" and "self-determination".

    But, worst of all, in my report, I urged those dudes from Polisario to accept autonomy and drop the call for independence for the territory. It was too much. I was suddenly besieged by infuriated people. That's when I really knew I had screwed things up. It really shook me, worst than the Baghdad mortar attack, seriously.

    You see, I am a man of integrity and the Moroccans had told me that the move was a "win-win" for everyone, bastards. They knew what I was doing and they all kept quiet, resisting the temptation to announce it for the whole week, except "AL Bayane". I mean, even the MAP kept silent and that's something to say. But the Polisario, this time departed from their usual hopeful rhetoric and got very, very upset. But still, they held in their anger and worked behind the scenes. They almost never get this angry, no matter what you do to them, and the UN has screwed them countless times.

    Anyways, I also suggested that a second round of talks is scheduled to begin on August 10 under the mediation of the - now weird to me - Ambassador Peter van Walsum. I've asked that the contents of the discussion in mid-June not be made public, so I told the parties attending the talks to keep their mouths shut. See if next time - in my non-public report to the security council - I can give it another shot ! I'm not a quitter, I will keep plugging away at it and hope the Polisaurus representatives will understand.

    As for the controversial report, several of its key details still need to be worked out and crop out others. So, I will rewrite the final version to be released [maybe] next week.

    Have a great weekend and RELAX !!!

    P.S: I've asked my secretary not to take any more calls from Moratinos.


    Posted by Anonymous | 11:43 AM

    Re-posted by Laroussi from blog about Gearbulk

  7. Laroussi2:55 PM

    More satire from about Ban Ki-Moon. This time about Polisario's reaction.

    July 02

    Hi guys,

    I'm back to the office. It feels great today, especially after reading the reaction by the Polisaurus representative to my report. Aren't they [clueless] nice !!! But the release of the report has not been without incident, I heard.

    The Polisaurus declaration has caused outrage amongst many Sahrouaois who had read the report.

    Despite the fact that my work was very controversial, their leadership was able to find a way to distill it. Gosh, they water down everything ! Maybe it has to do with "rabuni" (lots of water, I'm told).

    I'm ashamed, one finds it hard to believe that there is anyone in the universe who can consider my mess "objective and factual". But, alas! they did.

    Aren't they something? They said that I was going to remove paragrahs 12 and 13 of the report and, that should do it. What they forgot to say is that those paragraphs will be presented to the Security Council as part of the non-public report that I'm going to deliver. Which makes my "new" report = my old report :)

    They're really something, aren't they?... Looking forward going to Rabuni to meet these guys, once this autonomy thing is sealed off.

    OK, I gotta run.

    Ban-jusa (you keep asking: it's my nickname :)

    Copied Western Sahara Online

  8. new report;

  9. And Ban would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling European TV journalists!

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