Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Speedlinking it: Finals edition

In honor of my hopefully continued enrollment at Georgetown, I'm making a short post with good stuff tangentially related to the Western Sahara.
  • Western Sahara sympathizer Alex has a new blog, The Pearl of the Mediterranean. You might recall that she used to have another blog that I plugged here, but it's fallen into disrepair so a new one is needed. Thrill as she describes her fantasy baseball team!
  • Nerd Report, the blog of frequent commenter Justin, sometimes features Western Sahara stuff. When he's not posting about the Western Sahara, though, he links to videos and supports self-determination. This guy is so hard he was banned from Wikipedia for standing up to Moroccan distortions--respect.
  • This article about China's forced resettlement of Tibetans put me in a foul mood. If you're like me, you read about new injustices every day, but this struck me as particularly abominable.


  1. Oh, Will, you're the best.

  2. It's nothing. People need to know that Roger Clemens is a goon for leaving Houston, and you're just the girl for the job.

    I also recommend everyone checking out Alex's shout-out to a One Hump commenter and Western Sahara blogger supremo (no, it's not Sahara-Watch. But close.)

  3. Will,

    Thanks again, brother. I'm working on something else, too.

    Message me back on Facebook when you get the chance.


  4. Anonymous4:27 AM

    Hi will

    Welcoeme Alex and others too

    but remember plz

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    "One Hump ot Two " TM is reservd for Will

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