Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sahrawi couscous looks yummy

Jenny Jaffe, a Dutch blogger, is trying to eat 80 meals, each made by a cook of a different nationality. This week she had some Sahrawi couscous, and her description of it only makes me want to go to the Western Sahara more.

Interestingly, her meal was made by Polisario's representative in the Netherlands, a Sahrawi named Ali. According to Jaffe, Ali worked in the Polisario Red Cross (Red Crescent?) during the war of independence. Their conversation about Western Sahara while Ali prepared the couscous gives a bittersweet portrait of life in exile:
During the preparations for the meal, we speak about the past and present of his country and I am impressed by his gentle spirit. His attitude seems to be a mix of sadness, frustration, determination and hope.
At least Ali is able to recreate a little Western Sahara in the Netherlands through the couscous, which sounds delicious:
Again, the couscous is steamed twice, with a lot of attention to the "fluffing" in between, as seen at right. It is served with succulent lamb, chick peas and a multitude of vegetables. Squash, carrots, cabbage, bell peppers, tomatoes and nabos, turnips.
I don't know what nabos are, but the rest sounds delicious. If Polisario did more of its diplomacy through stomachs, we might see a referendum sooner.

Speaking of Polisario representatives, Sahara Views has a new post about Polisario's status as the sole representative of Sahrawis.


  1. Anonymous11:58 AM

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  2. If worse comes to worst you could always just become a (couscous) fluffer.

  3. Great that you found the description of the meal! Ali said what made this typically Sahrawi was the use of spices, which are difficult to find in the Netherlands...
    It was a very interesting evening, we had lots to talk about.
    (ps nabos is just the Spanish word for turnips)

  4. I have suggested in a previous comment on your blog that, in the expected negotiations, Morocco should bring couscous and Polisario some camel milk, as a token of good faith. it seems that also Sahrawis prepare the couscous. So I have to change the token, what about a bowl of Harira soup!

  5. Studentintheus, that's a plan so crazy it just might work. You have succeeded where James Baker failed.

    Jenny, I'm glad you found my blog. Keep up 80 Meals--it's a great idea!

  6. matadorsahara5:35 PM

    sometimes other initative succeeded more than politics such as football and couscouss but i think politics made the issue seem unresolved because the parties especially morocco isnot willing to made a real step in the right direction.
    i hope as a sahraoui that the intiative to join morocco and the polisario around one table could give us a delicious meal as a fruit of the negotiations.