Sunday, May 27, 2007

Orangutan goes on rampage for Western Saharan independence

As an apology for how much working in the petroleum industry sucks up my blogging time, how about some speedlinking?
  • An orangutan in Taiwan trashed motorcycles and fell asleep after his own bid for self-determination. Not Western Sahara related, per se, but I think it's adorable.
  • Australia once got close to recognizing SADR, after the Australian senate passed a resolution last November calling for extension of diplomatic relations. What happened after that? Either way, good work, AWSA.
  • Claude Moniquet of the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center got called out for being a paranoid neocon meatball, this time about Iran. You may remember Claude from the ESISC's special report on Polisario which supported all kinds of fallacies, including the Cuba-sex slavery lie. The post links to Western Sahara Endgame's aptly named "What is Claude Moniquet's Problem?". Indeed.


  1. Laroussi2:27 PM

    This is a bit off topic, but Maroc Telecom has shut down access to YouTube to its subscribers from Morocco.

    Maroc Telecom is owned by French telcom company Vivendi (51%), but the Moroccan government still is a large share holder.

    Here is one of fiew links on the subject that I found in English. Most other blogs are in French or Spanish.

    Ps. Will: The contact script here on the blog does not work. At least not for me.

  2. Hi, Laroussi. I noticed the blocking, too--it's ridiculous, and just another example of the Moroccan government's interests being opposed to free exchange of information. Thanks for the link.

    There's not so much a contact script as my email address. I love getting email, so try wfs8 -at- (where -at- is @) and tell me if that works.