Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm looking for the head of the Italian NGO who commented

Buona sera! I'm looking to get in touch with the commenter who said he was the head of an Italian NGO in this post. I'm interested in the slavery issue, and some other reputable people are intrigued too. My e-mail's in the sidebar.

Non-Italian NGO readers will probably want something fun, too. Check out Western Sahara Endgame's post about more Moroccan disinformation, as well as Western Sahara Info's post about the potential alliance between the Israeli and Moroccan occupations. The gist is, Morocco may be considering recognizing Israel in exchange for lobbying help in the U.S. over Western Sahara. Even if Israeli influence in American politics is sometimes overblown, that'd be a bad scene for the Sahrawis.


  1. Anonymous8:58 PM

    The biggest slavery is Polisario keeping refugees in the camps for 30 years to achieve its political purposes.

  2. Anon,

    I'm interested: how did you learn that Polisario were keeping the refugees in the camps?


  3. My money's on MAP or MarocPost.

  4. Sahrawifil2:06 AM

    Don't waste your time looking for "the head of the Italian NGO who commented" because the person who commneted is likely to be one of the many Moroccan agents who monitor websites that are interested in the Western Sahara issue. The task of these secret agents is to create confusion and hype up anything that could cause damage to the Saharawi cause. The slavery allegation like that of children kidnapped and sent to Cuba are propaganda lies. Anyway, the only slavery practiced is that imposed on the Saharawsi by the Moroccan occupattion and oppression. Saharawis won't be completely free until the withdrawal of Moroccan toops which could well be described as slave masters. I believe that one of Polisario priorities was to abolish slavery and declare that all Saharawis are equal. Don't forget that Polisario brought about a revolution and what do revolutions do to a society; change it of course. The objectives of Polisario is to free Saharawis from colonial yoke so how could they tolerate slavery, isn't that a contradiction. Will, if you don't believe this you just need to visit the Saharawi refugee camps not only to find out what is happening over there but also to have some of that Couscous which looks yummy. If you're not satisfied you may always stop by the Polisario Netherlands representative who seems to be nice and generous like many Saharawis that I have come across. But beware of the many tempting things that Morocco could offer and which could also be found in the Netherlands!

  5. If Morocco's offering the same thing that the Netherlands is, maybe Morocco's not so bad after all.

    Really though, Sahrawifil, I feel like that commenter wasn't really Italian, or the head of an NGO. For one thing, I doubt he could preserve his anonymity long if he was--how many Italian NGOs are there in Tindouf?

    But there's a chance he was legit. As I wrote last week, the whole Australian journalist fiasco exposes some disturbing issues about camp life. Even the pro-Polisario people involved are saying, "Well, the film isn't about the slavery in the camps" or "We didn't want to talk about the slavery because it would hurt the independence struggle." That leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

  6. sahrawifil3:53 AM

    The thing that Morocco is offering and could be found in the Netherlands is Hashish (Marijuana). Morocco is famous for few things such as exporting prostitutes mainly to Arab countries and exporting drugs as well as illegal immigrants.

    It seems that there was some confusion about the slavery issue. It could also be that the filmmakers wanted to create some drama to draw attention to their film.

    During the past 32 years thousands of people visited the camps, stayed with Saharawi families both black and white, thousands of Saharawi children go on holiday each year and go abroad to study but has this issue been noticed? No. Are Saharawi blacks excluded and treated differently? I don't think so.

    This fake slavery issue is a divertion from the real and more serious issues of human rights abuses by Morocco and the right to self-determination denied to the Saharawis by the Rabat regime.

    I notice you have not put much about the students that have been tortured and imprisoned including the girl (Saltana Khaya) that lost one eye last week when Moroccan military forces brutally tortured here with no mercy. Could you please do something about that. Thanks

  7. Laroussi5:44 AM

    Good last point about the attacks on Saharawi students.

    The events are in fact commented in blogs on Will's site, but they are "hidden" in texts that are not really dealing with the protests, hence they are not that easy to find.

    Why not make a proper text about the protests and police abuse?

  8. Laroussi5:50 AM

    Ps. Moroccan accusations about kidnapped Saharawis in the camps are completely ludicrous.

    You meet Saharawis in Spain, Algeria and Mauretania all the time that are going back and forth.

    The richer of them by plane, and the poorer by land. If you have many you pay for the trip. If not you try to hitch-hike.

  9. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Hi all,
    I think Desertman finally found some support by Sahrawifil, who of course, will try to convince those who never made it beyond the beltway that Morocco is hell and what's it called??????? the RASD SADR is heaven. the hasch and prostitues part is pathetic. U know what? maybe you should smoke some pot and u'll feel less excited.

  10. Anonymous3:56 PM

    on the sahrawi students allow me that all over the world there's something called law enforcement. being from the southern provinces of Morocco does not allow one to acts of hooliganism against property paid for by Moroccan taxpayers. I hope you could also show pics of bleeding policemen.

  11. Sahrawifil,8:05 PM

    The Moroccan agent (anonymous) asked me to smoke some Hashish (pot)-see above. This is the Moroccan way of trying to convince people because Moroccans lack any convincing arguments. One Moroccan way to deal with those who do not agree with the regime is to torture theme, imprison them or kidnap them: remember Ben Barka, Serfati, Boureikat brothers, Tamek, Haidar...etc
    The other Moroccan way is to try to bribe them through offering prostitutes including children, drugs or huge amounts of money. Sorry Moroccan agent none of these ways is going to work with me. You can't fool all the people all of the time.