Monday, April 23, 2007

Sahrawi women write a blog about life in Tindouf

While the Western Sahara blog scene abroad is getting so robust it might be called festively plump, I haven't read much from the camps. That was, at least, until an anonymous commenter on this post about Western Sahara blogs pointed me to Mujeres de Dajla, a blog about women in the Dakhla camp in Tindouf.

Despite 7 years of Spanish before college and the loving care of my Chilean host family, my command of Spanish isn't enough for Mujeres de Dajla. Indeed, they're only reminding me why I loved Babelfish so much in high school. But I'll try and puzzle some things out anyway.
  • The Mujeres de Dajla are crafty enough to use Wordpress.
  • They've opened a pizzeria in the camps! It's delicious, but no Ray's Pizza.
  • The women produce clothes, some of which goes to charity and some of which is sold.
  • Sahrawi women are business-minded and productive, if their blog is anything to go by.
I hope this is just the beginning of blogs written from the camps.


  1. a pizzeria? i imagine the polisario special is heavy on UNHCR lentils, goat and vitamin pills...

  2. Aw, you're probably right. But I can dream.

  3. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Moroccan Pizza “ a la Sahara” :

    Sauce: 1 /4 liter of Saharwi fresh camel Milk illegally exploited
    Cheese: 1 /3 cartoon of Saharawi hydrocarbons illegally exploited
    Vegetables : 1 /2 pouch of Sahrawi phosphate illegally exploited
    Meat: 1 Saharawi fresh fish illegally exploited

    Note. This product is now available for export

    Bon appetit !
    All rights reserved

  4. I hear that recipe is getting rave reviews in France.

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  6. Heh. I left a redundant post so I've opted to write a new one... With no knowledge on the topic, I concur with your views on Ray's. It surely can't be beat.

  7. Jess, you're a neophyte when it comes to the Western Sahara, but it seems you're a savant about pizza.

  8. I can tell you I've tasted these pizza and, though they're quite thick they are DELICIOUS. They've been a big hit during the Film Festival last week: Tuna, double cheese and many extras could be chosen. Here you have some pics: