Friday, April 20, 2007

Sahara Panorama's got a brand new bag

Western Sahara Echo (formerly Sahara Panorama) is an old guard Western Sahara blog, but it went inactive for a while. No longer! As a big supporter of Western Sahara blogs, I'm happy to say Western Sahara Echo is back, and with better content and a redesign.

Western Echo's claim to fame recently has been scooping everyone on Morocco's autonomy plan. It also reruns several articles and interviews related to Western Sahara, as well as this letter from Suzanne Scholte and Carlos Wilson of the US-Western Sahara Foundation to President Bush.

My only complaint is that none of the article's are written by Mohammed himself. We already have ARSO and Western Sahara Online compiling articles about the Western Sahara; I want to know what Mohammed thinks.

Speaking of Western Sahara bloggers from way back, Chasli of Western Sahara Endgame has decided to come back from his almost yearlong vacation from posting to call out The Washington Times. As you might know, The Washington Times has a weird fondness for the Moroccan side of the Western Sahara issue. Writing about a recent pro-autonomy editorial, Chasli demonstrates just how weird that fondness is.

Chasli's the bomb in general and a frequent One Hump commenter in specific, so it's good to have him back writing. With so many exciting things happening about the Western Sahara, on- and off-line, why don't you start writing a Western Sahara blog too?


  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Mauritania’s Abdallahi sworn in

    Mauritania's first democratically elected president vows to uphold constitution.

    NOUAKCHOTT - Mauritania's first democratically elected president Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi was sworn in on Thursday, in a landmark transfer of power from military to civilian rule.
    Holding a Koran, the 69-year-old former political prisoner and ex-government minister, took the oath in a ceremony conducted by the head of the country's constitutional court.
    "I commit myself to faithfully and impartially undertake the duties, to uphold the constitution and abstain from any initiative to change the clauses relating to the presidential mandate," Abdallahi, dressed in a brown suit, declared.
    His swearing in marks the final step in a successful transfer of power from the military junta that took power in a bloodless coup 19 months ago, to a democratically-elected president for the northwest African Islamic republic.
    Last month's election was the first democratically-organised vote in the African state which has a chequered history of military coups and authoritarian rule

    PS. Mauritania is historically and culturally the closet neighbor of Western Sahara. They recognize SADR of Polisario but they have also very deep economic relationship with Morocco...


  2. Anonymous1:13 PM

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  3. One Hump Camel, I would love to help Sahrawi students set up their blogs. If you search in my archives for "blog", there's a post about that, but it's not very good. I'll write a new one.

    This looks like good news in Mauritania.