Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nichane publishes again

Morocco-watchers will remember the Nichane imbroglio well. Nichane, the Arabic arm of popular, Tindouf-myth-questioning Francophone Tel Quel, got in trouble in January for publishing a list of popular Moroccan jokes. My favorite was "I'll take your mother on the hajj."

Moroccan authorities didn't have a favorite, though, and if they did they weren't telling. They gave Nichane's editors a 3 year suspended sentence, which I suppose means they aren't going to prison. They also banned Nichane from publishing for two months.

Now, Nichane is once again available in Morocco. Or Does It Explode? reports that Nichane is flying off newstands. Good for Nichane, and if the lawsuit didn't weaken its satirical bite, even the better.

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