Monday, April 02, 2007

Let's use Web 2.0 for our own nefarious ends

I've been having a lot of fun lately with Scribd, a website that lets you upload PDFs for anyone to see. It's been called Youtube for PDFs, and like Youtube, it can distribute information that will help the Western Sahara.

Below I've put up a PDF of the 1991 Settlement Plan that I got from ARSO's website. ARSO has such a treasury of Western Sahara documents, it's sometimes hard to find what you want. With Scribd, there's no such problem.

Additionally, we can make sure that people interested in Morocco learn about the Western Sahara too. For example, the 1991 Settlement Plan is the second result if you search for Morocco.

Let's put up more PDFs about the Western Sahara so they can be easily accessed and earn the wide audience they deserve.


  1. Larbi4:42 PM

    Interesting indeed. I see also that has a lot of them under "Publications" and well orgainzed:

  2. Thanks a lot, Larbi. I didn't know Western had that. A good site turns out to be even better.

  3. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Public Relations / Advocacy and Lobbying
    See the role of EDELMAN in the name of Moroccan American Center for Policy –MACP-
    to support Morocco Regime in USA conc. Western Sahara issue

    any know why they received Golden World Award , IPRA ?

  4. I think Edelman is the parent public relations company to the Moroccan-American Center for Policy.

    As for why they won that award, and the Golden SABRE-apparently, PR watchers thought their campaign to free the Moroccan POWs did a good job (the POWs were released, after all).