Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Everyone loves a good Driss Basri joke

I read the same joke about Driss Basri twice yesterday. The first time it was in Erik Jensen's Western Sahara: Anatomy of a Stalemate, and the second time it was in Western Sahara: The Referendum That Wasn't and the One that Might Still Be, an article by Frank Ruddy, Jensen's former subordinate. This joke was circulating around the Maghreb during the 1994 voter registration negotiations. I'll use Jensen's version.
The joke going around when I got there was of President Mobutu asking King Hassan's help to fix the presidential election in Zaire. Hassan sent Basri.

Mobutu lost and complained bitterly to Hassan who called Basri on the carpet to explain.

"Mobutu ?" replied Basri. "You won the election , Your Majesty, by six million votes."
I paragraphed to make the joke clearer. No word yet on whether this was on the Nichane banned jokes list.


  1. Also:

  2. Thanks. Those are definitely going up on my del.icio.us account. Here's an article I found about MVI's ousting of Basri http://theestimate.com/public/111999.html

    Also, is this Western Sahara Online's first comment on One Hump?? This calls for a party!

  3. Hello Will,
    No, I think I did comment somewhere a while back, don't remember exactly where. We should be careful with Basri, he might sue...heard he's running on a shoestring budget lately. A party?but, haven't you had enough partying (VA)? haha
    Keep up the good work !!!