Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Elliot Abrams meddling in Western Sahara...again

In all of the autonomy plan excitement, you might have forgotten about King Mohammed's favorite henchman in the US government, Elliott Abrams. Fortunately, the Middle East Institute's Clayton Swisher didn't.

Swisher wrote an article in United Press International about Abrams's role in the autonomy plan presentation. You should read it, but here's what Swisher says.
  • Moroccans like Elliott Abrams, but no one else in North Africa does.
  • Abrams is messing around with Western Sahara because he isn't allowed to handle Arab-Israeli affairs anymore.
  • Everyone is happy to have him out of Israel, so they don't mind if he mucks up Africa's last colony.
  • He's responsible for some of the praise the autonomy plan is receiving from the State Department.
Here's an earlier post I wrote about Abrams, his involvement with Morocco, and his machinations across the world.

Incidentally, is Abrams's "Elliott" spelled with one or two T's? I can't figure it out. Swisher spells it with one t, but Wikipedia uses two.


  1. Will,
    I think Elliott is spelled with a double T. At least that's how is spelled on the NSC website:

  2. Well, I suppose they'd be the ones to know. Elliott it is!

  3. Anonymous9:07 PM

    the article conflates criticism of Elliott with criticism of Morocco. Just because he purued "bad" policies before does not mean he hasn't stumbled on good ones now...

  4. Past performance doesn't invalidate every project Abrams supports. Still, his involvement in the Western Sahara should raise red flags for those interested in an equitable solution. After all, as his track record demonstrates, he's a Bush-Reagan hatchet man unconcerned with morality.

  5. Anonymous12:07 PM

    And Swisher knows close to nothing about North Africa...

  6. Do tell. I think I remember reading that article and thinking that there was a small mistake, but I can't remember it. Can you explain?

  7. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Swisher's specialty is in the arab-palestinian conflict, and Abrams is famous for his pro-israeli views.

    so Swisher being anti-Abrams automatically makes him anti-Moroccan proposal, just because Abrams supports it. But ask him about the size of his knowledge of the subject and he will tell you: infinitesimal.