Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bahraini minister hassles Mahmood

Mahmood's Den, a blog written by a Bahraini software engineer, is no stranger to trouble with Bahrain's repressive monarchy. The last time I wrote about Mahmood, his website had been blocked in his home country. The block has since been lifted, but now Mahmood's facing a challenge in court for criticizing Bahrain's Minister of Municipalities and Agriculture.

If you read the post Mahmood wrote, you'll be surprised by how mild Mahmood's post is in comparison to the reaction is received. The Minister's suing him, but I can't imagine Mahmood besmirched his reputation. It seems like an attempt to silence all opposition by making an example of one writer. Where does the minister think this is--occupied Western Sahara?

Considering time zones, Mahmood might already be in the court room as I write this. Here's what Mahmood wrote the day before the trial.

Kate observed that Mahmood's life, except for the free speech issues, is not unlike that of a sitcom dad. Why won't the Bahraini government leave Mahmood to his Segways and chainsaws (at left, picture by Mahmood)?

UPDATE: Mahmood's case was deferred because the mother of the judge died. Mahmood will go back on trial on May 8th. It seems like a lot of people turned out to support him.

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  1. Considering his track record with machinery, I don't think Mahmood should be trusted with a chain saw. We all remember the Segway incident.