Monday, April 02, 2007

Australian makes documentary about the Western Sahara

Last February, a documentary about the Western Sahara got picked up at a film conference. This happy news comes courtesy of our pals Australian Western Sahara Association.

The film, The Wall of Shame, focus on the camps in Tindouf. I've written about its delightful website before, but now I feel even better about it because of two things: DOCUMART and
its producer's experience.

According to AWSA's post, which reads like a press release, the film picked up its producers at a documentary pitching free-for-all called Documart. To quote AWSA: "DOCUMART is the blood sport of documentary filmmaking." Sounds terrifying. Wall of Shame managed to fight its way through anyway.

Tom Zubrycki, the documentary's producer, is dynamite. He's produced and made a lot of movies, many of which sound interesting. He even made a film about the struggle for independence in East Timor, so he should be familiar with Western Sahara's parallel fight. I'm looking forward to seeing The Wall of Shame.

On an unrelated note, AWSA ought to open comments on posts again. You know who else doesn't allow comments on her blog? Michelle Malkin. And we all know that she's lame.

What's your favorite documentary about the Western Sahara? Post in the comments. You can also lament about Georgetown's basketball loss yesterday.


  1. Will,
    Also two good and old (probably the first but very nice documentaries) were also made by a Hungarian journalist and a Saharawi journalist, in the late 70's, just after Spain left WS.
    It shows the refugees fleeing to Algeria and also some combat operations between the guerrillas and the Moroccan army, in WS proper and in southern Morocco.
    I don't have the titles though, sorry.

  2. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Public Relations / Advocacy and Lobbying
    See the role of EDELMAN in the name of Moroccan American Center for Policy –MACP-
    to support Morocco Regime in USA conc. Western Sahara issue

    any know why they received Golden World Award , IPRA ?