Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Al-Jazeera is holding a vote online about independence

According to my pals in the misguided but lovable Facebook group The Sahara is Moroccan!, Al-Jazeera has a debate show coming up about the autonomy plan. They said the show has an online poll about the autonomy plan (I think it's on the left sidebar).

The problem is, my fool's Arabic isn't good enough for Al-Jazeera. Can an Arabic speaker confirm that this poll is about autonomy, and tell us what each of the choices is?

It's silly, but let's see if we can beat the autonomy plan.


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  2. I think that comment was spam! Finally, the internet big time.

  3. Anonymous4:20 AM

    Hi Will

    Yes. You are right . this is online poll concerning western Sahara issue

    There is a Q. which way is the better to resolve WS issue?
    a) Autonomy plan by Morocco
    b) UN referendum supported by Polisario

    The result for now is 76% in favor of the first way. 24 %for the second one
    But even this result is good for Saharawis ? why
    Because the saharawis are living in very difficult conditions in the camps in the desert where no internet and they cant vote.
    The others in occupied WS are not allowed even to enter the limited numbers internet coffees
    In addition most of the voters are arabs who in their nature are against any “new” country in the arab world what they said “ Arab Unity”

    But the important is that only the Saharawis can decide/ have right / on their issue not morrocans or Algerians or even arabs


  4. Anonymous12:02 PM

    The result now is:

    not bad.
    Morroco hackers are involving also to change this reuslts in favor or Morroco...

  5. Anonymous12:13 PM

    What about Algerian hackers ?

  6. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Dear Anonymous

    be sure that not the Moroccans, not the Algerians , not the Arabs will decide in the name of Real Saharwis on their issue. their Land, their country and their Dignity

  7. So autonomy won, huh? No matter--online voters are no longer allowed to impose conflict-resolution plans, and the Western Sahara got some more play in the media.

    Most recent anonymous commenter (I have so many, it's like the Witness Protection Program blog): Moroccans and Algerians might not settle the Western Sahara, but some of them, like a certain king and a certain president, will certainly influence it a lot.

  8. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Desertman is pathetic. We know that Moroccan Sahrawis abducted in Tindouf cannot vote. But we also know for fact that the polisario gangsters have their relays in Algiers (MFA, Army etc ) to do the voting for them. 30%???? Weak mobilization. Maybe the guys in Algiers are fed up with a fabricated issue that does not relate to them and would like the guy in the Mouradia palace to take care of serious domestic business.
    The polls are in favor of Morocco's proposal. Then it's Moroccan hackers doing it! What else? Desertman do u want some cheese with that whining?
    El Tiburon

  9. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Dear EL Tiburon

    Don’t use the provocation…this will not work

    Morocco occupied Western Sahara . Algeria use the Polisario ( as Morocco said)

    So hope both Morocco and Algeria let Saharawis ( those pro-Polisarion and those against him ) decide on their issue ALONE
    And then we will the truth. it will be painful for somebody !!! may for the Martians


  10. ...we also know for fact that the polisario gangsters have their relays in Algiers (MFA, Army etc ) to do the voting for them.

    Ah, yes. That must be the reason the Islamist rebels are proving so hard crack -- the army isn't even after them, it's just drafting people to rig Internet polls on Western Sahara.

    Of course, I'm sure that had Boumédiène been alive today, he would have built a mega-gigantic Popular Socialist Internet Coordination bunker somewhere, where he would force people to click-vote for Algerian politics on Arab news sites, weeks on end. That would be just his style.

  11. If only Algeria would stop researching the fastest way to delete browser cookies so its army could revote, we could get somewhere with Maghreb development.

    Good for you, Desertman, for not responding with an attack of your own. I liked how the cheese with that whining joke wasn't exactly pulled off.