Thursday, March 01, 2007

Western Sahara Online has inscrutable political cartoons

Western Sahara Online is a useful resource for anyone interested in the Western Sahara, as long as you keep in mind that it's written from a pro-SADR point of view. But did you know it also has well done, but strange, political cartoons?

The one at left exemplifies what I mean. I get that it's a take-off on, I think, a cream ad. But who is that character? It doesn't help that I can't read French or Arabic.

Whoever he is, Western Sahara Online doesn't trust him. Later, he shows up obscenely squeezed into a skin-tight Superman suit. In this one, he's in background, smirking away. What a character.

They're not all pleasantly baffling, though. This cartoon does a good job of conveying how many people feel about the food aid shortages. It's not clear to me if Western Sahara Online makes all these, or has collected some from other places, but kudos for making them available.


  1. Haha! It's a box of French cheese, Le Vache qui rit ("the smiling cow"). The whole Arab world is mysteriously obsessed with that cheese, it's found from Maghreb to Mashreq. And in most of Europe too, but apparently not in the US.

    Picture here:
    Wiki article here:
    The man on the box is Khellihenna Ould Errachid, the CORCAS chairman, who has been the Sahrawi face of Moroccan policy since 1975 (and Sahrawi face of Spanish policey before that).

    Picture here:
    Wiki article here:

  2. Oh, and it says on the box "Le menteur qui rit", the "laughing liar".

  3. Anonymous9:28 AM

    La vache qui rit means "the laughing cow," not "the smiling cow" and it is found in the US, although it is much better in France and the Maghreb

  4. Anonymous4:55 AM

    Hi Will

    I have noticed that the Saharawi government launched their official website…
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    This .ws domain is already reserved to SAMOA Island not to Western Sahara!

    May you will or your organization can help saharwis register their NIC domain
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    Thanks in advance

  5. Anonymous3:31 AM

    la Vache qui rit is found in the US and costs about 3 bucks.The guy in the picture looks like Mohamed Abdelaziz, the 30-year-self-elected dictator of the democratic whatever u call it.
    El Tiburon