Monday, March 26, 2007

Videos chronicle Sahrawi protests inside Western Sahara

Youtube is a great way to see what's going on in the Moroccan-occupied portion of Western Sahara, even more so because traditional journalists are often denied access to the country. Previously, I wrote about videos of Mohammed Daddach on the site. There is also a wealth of footage of Sahrawis protesting, along with subsequent Moroccan repression.

Here are two of my favorite videos of Sahrawi resistance inside Western Sahara.

If you stick with this video, you'll be rewarded. At first I thought it was just hooded Sahrawis holding a Polisario flag, but actually, there's an enjoyable ending when they try and display the flag.

In this clip, Moroccan police assault Sahrawis demonstrating for self-determination. They kick and hit the youths, including some women. I realize Youtube videos aren't paragons of accuracy, and this makes me even more suspicious. I mean, Morocco would have to be insane to let images like this get out of the country.

There are a lot of other videos to choose from, although most are from SADR television and have crummy quality and martial music. I liked this one of confrontations between Sahrawis and Moroccan police, though. It opens with Sahrawis lowering Morocco's flag and replacing it with Polisario's!

Hopefully, we'll get more videos like these. Until Morocco increases journalistic access to the territories, they're one of the best resources we have to gauge the mood of Sahrawis inside the Berm.

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