Friday, March 30, 2007

The Tindouf Challenge ends gloriously

It's been four weeks since Robert Holley of the Moroccan American Center for Policy won the Tindouf Challenge, and what a time it's been. I haven't gotten any responses from people who've seen the sign, but I can report on some changes in my behavior and my roommate's.
  • We've become generally better liars.
  • I personally have taken to speaking for entire groups of people without consulting them or their usual representatives. Last week, I stole my roommate's toothpaste. When he asked why, I said I was representing the will of the South Ossetian people.
  • The King of Spain gave me a high-five.

The sign is out of the window, and I'll decide how to dispose of it soon. The Robert Holley fun need not stop here, though. To know more about the first winner of a One Hump challenge, check out Western Sahara Endgame's opinion of Robert Holley.

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