Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Whoops, there goes another rubber tree": Plant Banditry in Morocco

Morocco isn't just having trouble hanging onto its "southern provinces." According to this article at View from Fez, Morocco is also plagued by palm tree theft.

Apparently, stolen palm trees is quite the thing in Morocco. At first I thought it was because palm trees look nice. It seems, though, that thieves steal the trees for their dates. Are dates that delicious? I don't really like them, and when there's a nut inside, it's an even bigger hassle.

Anyway, palm tree theft has become such a problem the Moroccan government has intervened, threatening hundreds of dollars in fines. Still, some questions remain unanswered, namely:
  • Isn't it hard to steal a palm tree? You'd have to pull up a truck, rip it out, and secure it in the bed before you could get away. Plus, it probably makes a lot of noise.
  • Where do you find a fence for "hot" palm trees?


  1. One of the places they end up is on newly created "farms" (using that term loosely) or garden estates outside Marrakech - they want the towering old palms, not baby new ones.

  2. On these estates, are they used for

    Either way, it needs to stop. I'd be sad if I woke up in the morning and found my enormous palm tree gone.