Monday, February 19, 2007

New Western Sahara blog is delicious, highly recommended if you have the means

New, knowledgeable One Hump commenter Alle has started a Western Sahara blog of his own, Western Sahara Info. Like his comments, it's entertaining and informative.

He (or she) does his (or her) research. Check out this exhaustive post on Mauritanian elections and what they mean for the Western Sahara. I also enjoyed the predictions about the future of CORCAS's autonomy plan.

Speaking of CORCAS, using his translation skills, Alle discovered that King Hassan II himself said autonomy was illegal. Speaking of it, he said, "That is, quite simply, impossible. I have no right to do it."

My favorite post so far, though, has been his dissection of different names for Western Sahara's capital, El Aaiún or Laâyoune (depending on which side you're on). According to Alle, El Aaiun emphasizes Western Sahara's separate colonial history, while the latter transliteration extends Morocco's Frenchness. I'll use whichever version doesn't require hard-to-place accent marks.

So, with Western Sahara Info starting and Sahara-Watch undergoing a revival, the Western Sahara blog community continues to grow. Writing this post, I discovered Sahara Views is back! It won't be long before we can't walk from our fat Technorati links.


  1. This might be a little too trivial, but Alle is a man. Keep up the good work, Will.

  2. Thanks for the tip, and the compliment. I try, and knowing the gender of who I'm writing about helps.

  3. Justin, I see on your Wikipedia profile that you're so tough, you've been banned from editing. As a minor league Wiki vandal, it's an honor to be in your presence.

  4. Will, the honor's reciprocated. Viva Sahara! By the way, if you want to contact me, e-mail works best (