Friday, February 02, 2007

MINURSO's looking for a young lady who's OK with typing 90+ WPM, sand in everything she owns

Employees in MINURSO, the United Nations peacekeeping contingent in the Western Sahara and Algeria, are a lovable, ineffective bunch. Last week, everyone went to the lot behind the cafeteria to watch the Pakistani and Bangladeshi observers settle post-partition rivalries with a game of cricket. The Guineans keep to themselves mostly, but they win every spooky story contest.

It's a nice time, but something's missing. Beer cans are piling up, and the bunk beds haven't been made in weeks. Worse, Force Commander Kurt Mosgaard was late to meet with Mohammed Abdelaziz because he couldn't find anyone to tie his tie.

The UN High Command knew barracks need a woman's touch, so they put in a call for a personnel clerk ("Women candidates are encouraged to apply"). Kurt, you rascal!

I hate to see MINURSO going understaffed, so as a public service I will expound on the virtues of MINURSO service.
  • Desert climate helps tuberculosis.
  • The landmines are getting better.
  • The Mongolians are doing a killer My Fair Lady this fall.
Sounds like a good deal. I've never wanted so badly to be proficient in Excel. The obvious drawback, though, is no job security.

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