Friday, January 05, 2007

The Australian Western Sahara Association is blowing my mind

Australia is famous for convicts, interminable stretches of desert, kangaroos, and holding the Olympics some years back. Soon, though, it'll be primarily famous for the Australian Western Sahara Association, an exciting organization for Sahrawi advocacy.

I was privately lamenting the dearth of solid Western Sahara blogs recently, but before I could make a post about it, I found the AWSA website on ARSO. The design is killer, the posts are informative, and the sidebar on the right makes a lot of information easily available. I liked the big SADR flag at the top so much, I considered becoming a member, but it's probably only available to citizens.

The best part of the website, though, has to be the Sahrawi greeting cards. For only two dollars per card, you can support Sahrawis, spread awareness about the Western Sahara, and show your friends and relatives how worldly you are.

I hope to read more about AWSA. They're the only organization I've seen so far that makes participation easily available to the casually interested, and the whole production is slick.

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