Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mohammed Daddach extends coolness to Youtube

Mohammed Daddach is a slick character. Imprisoned for 20 years by the Moroccan government for advocating Sahrawi independence, his release in 1999 was a victory for the nascent Sahrawi human rights movement. He even has a cameo in Endgame in the Western Sahara. That's why I'm excited to find he has videos on Youtube.

The videos are in Arabic, so I don't know what he's saying (if anyone can summarize it or give a rough translation, I'd be grateful).

Part 2
Part 3


  1. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Hi Will

    I am just trying


    He thanks all NGOs and International organization who helped him to get out of the prison
    Special thanks to RAFTO from Norway
    He asked them to still put pressure on moroccan authorities to release the other saharawi human right activists who are still in moroccan jails
    He also said that he still get his passport back as his principal right…
    He talked about the saharawis who disspared since 1975 and their families don’t receive any info. saying that their moroccan tortures sill serve in police and other services without any charges

    Part 2:
    He talked about the illegality of the exploitation of Western Sahara sources such us phosphate. Oil and fishery
    He said that all international companies who enter with agreements in Western Sahara are simply null ( he said that they just stealing WS sources )

    WS is now under UN mandatory

    Part 3:
    He talked about his personnel sufferance…
    He said that he still under moroccan arrest . he get no compensation for his long years in jail
    Still no passport to apply for international invitations…
    He cant visit his friends in black prison there….