Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Google Sightseeing: Western Sahara

The writers of Google Sightseeing use Google Earth to find cool things around the world. They've taken an interest in the Western Sahara, and they found several cool things.

The picture to the left is the SADR flag with, in Spanish, "Sahara Vencer," which translates to "Sahara Will Win." Indeed.

They also found several shipwrecks, both off the coast and washed ashore. I heard the stretch of water between the Canaries and Western Sahara was treacherous, and these ships confirm it.

Finally, the sinister Bou Craa conveyor. While it's bad that the conveyor sucks wealth and opportunity out of the Western Sahara every day, it seems from the pictures that a lot of phosphate has blown off the conveyor.


  1. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Hi Will

    There are many curious shapes In the desert . very interested

    See for example : The Desert’s heart at
    25 58 09 N
    8 49 43 W

    Just on the right lower corner of Western Sahara.

    Also you can find Richat structure or what call EYE of the desert in Mauritania just near the border with Western Sahara
    21 07 13 N
    11 24 00 W
    enjoy it

    You can find many other interested shapes.

    I have noticed that Moroccans also are trying to use Google earth for some “political purposes”


  2. Oh really? What are they using it for? I saw on Google Sightseeing someone made the "Allah, King, Country" in large-type so it can be seen by planes and satellites.

  3. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Most of the posts are in French language
    See for example posts near Tindouf where the saharawis refugees camps . saying that in this city there are “sahrawis morrocans” treated as “prisons in Polisario jail “
    And you can see more
    But you can noticed also that Saharwis supporters also are reposting even more than Moroccans

    May somebody can find the black jail in Aioun ( Western Sahara) where the saharwis are jailed by Moroccan troops. This will be useful for international human rights orgs and NGOs