Monday, December 04, 2006

"Going to Laayoune" is a rare B-side

The Mountain Goats are my favorite band, more or less. Until this year they built an unimpeachable collection of But before lead singer John Darnielle dyed his hair and bought Dutch architect glasses, he was in the Extra Glenns with UCLA philosophy professor Franklin Bruno.

The Extra Glenns released one album, Martial Arts Weekend. I didn't realize until I played one of the songs on my internet radio show that not just one, but two of the songs reference Morocco.

One, "Going to Morocco," doesn't seem to have anything to do with Morocco. There is a part, though, where Darnall sings "There's a guttural stop in my throat." Like ayn!

The other, "Going to Marrakech," laments a relationship that won't die: "Our love is like Jesus, but worse. Though you seal the cave up where you've lain its body, it rises. "

The way I see it, the relationship can be a metaphor for the relationship between Western Sahara and Morocco. Even though the occupation's awful, even though it's unnatural ("our [occupation] is a monster, plain and simple"), Western Sahara and Morocco will always by necessity and location be tied together, economically and socially.

In conclusion, why does John Darnielle love Morocco so much?

The Extra Glenns-Going to Morocco
The Extra Glenns-Going to Marrakesh

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