Saturday, December 09, 2006

Georgetown student blogs about Tibet, Beijing foiled

My roommate Henry is a decent guy with an inexplicably deep-seated love of Tibet, and an understandable distaste for the Chinese occupation. For a while he's been sitting on
his hands and only barely attending Students for a Free Tibet meetings. Now he's started Last Yak Standing, a blog about the Tibetan struggle for independence.

Now, my position on Tibetan independence is known (Precis: "Why not help the Western Sahara, instead?"), but Henry's a good guy and he promises to get a better layout if everyone reads his blog. Check it out! While I think Tibet is far more hopeless than the Western Sahara, there are several similarities. For one thing, the United States doesn't chastise the occupying power out of concern for its own economic interests.

In other internet news, I have a piece on ARSO's opinion page. It's about how, international support or no, the Sahrawi independence movement can continue. I slapped a title on it before emailing, and it sounds dreamier than it should, but enjoy it anyway.


  1. I don't think we need chose between liberation struggles - Western Sahara, Tibet, Aceh, West Papua, Palestine, Basque Country, indigenous people - they're all worthy of support. Clearly one can't be an expert in all of them, but a broad understanding will, I think, reveal a number of parallels.

  2. Will is just an ass.