Friday, December 15, 2006

AWSI marches inexorably towards Laayoune

After more CTRL-Ving than I care to think about, the Association for Western Saharan Independence has a letterhead. Now all my protest letters will look absurdly legitimate. Thanks to I Didn't Do It For You for explaining the importance of letterheads.

No other AWSI-related fun until this summer, probably, so you have time to save up for your membership dues ($1.50 covers the newsletter and membership card).


  1. mohamed Brahim10:50 AM

    Hi Will!
    Great idea indeed.I beleive that Acronyms and letterheads gives a better impression and have a great impact on any person's perception of the issue. I will go for the AWSI . Go for it Will!

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

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  3. Congrats on the letterhead Will. On a side note, your viewers with Moroccan friends may wish to check out

    Psiphon is a software program developed by the Citizen Lab which allows citizens in uncensored countries to provide access to the internet through their home computers to loved ones living behind the firewalls of states which censor.

    I havn't tried it yet, though hopefully your viewers find it useful.


  4. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Hi Will

    Letterhead is very good IDEA…go ahead

    Where are friends from morocco we heard about them last week here? Hope they are all ok we just want to hear their opinions about the WS issue and what they think about the situation in Western Sahara now…
    There are terrible reports about human rights violation in main cities ( Aioun, Samara.. Dakhla…)

    To Tali :
    thanks this will be very useful for Saharawis in Western Sahara who cant see this nice blog and many other websites censured by Moroccan Authorities