Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving in the Western Sahara

It was a wild Thanksgiving week, and no improvised blessing before Thanksgiving dinner could do justice for all the things we can be grateful about the Western Sahara. I'm thankful for:

-ARSO. I never tire of ARSO's news and documents collection. If you ever think the situation in Western Sahara's stalemated, check ARSO to be proven wrong.

-Speaking of chess analogies, I'm still reading Endgame in the Western Sahara and loving it. I think I'll order a copy when I'm done, because it's a handy resource for statistics and quotes, and because anyone who spent as much time as Toby Shelley did writing about the Western Sahara deserves to be supported. I'll have a bunch of posts coming up on what I've learned from the book, but for now it'll suffice to say that Mohammed Daddach is a cool guy.

-Sahrawis who are keeping the Hassaniya dialect alive.

-Commenters, including the Moroccans who post anonymously (and angrily). Keep it up, guys. Your insults keep things light, although I have to say I'm disappointed that no recent commenters have equaled Sword of Ali's "no grain of its dunes will ever fall to your hands."

-These are only tangentially related to the Western Sahara, but I know you can't resist a girl who barely avoids getting tasered at concerts, a Houstonian who loves local government even more than she loves SADR, and Disillusioned Kid, who made a post about the Western Sahara and keeps a tight blog himself.