Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The people at Sandblast do good work

Sandblast is an organization that tries to raise awareness of the Western Sahara through art. They work out of England, and they're running a festival from May 5th to 7th next year (make your plans now).

Sandblast has the best web design I've seen since Homeland, once again showing independence advocates are better at HTML than Morocco. The website has paintings and poetry about Sahrawi life and culture.

The photography is my favorite part of the site. Sandblast features work from both international and Sahrawi photographers, as well as group projects. One of the projects is a powerful series on Sahrawis mutilated by landmines.

By displaying Sahrawi art, Sandblast demonstrates that the Sahrawis are more than pawns in a war between Algeria and Morocco, or statistics in a UNHCR report.

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