Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Once again, what do you call a Western Sahara referendum organization?

I'm on a quasi-secret newspaper assignment tonight, so I can't make a quality post until later tonight (it involves China), but here's something to chew on. I've wondered what to call the Western Sahara group that needs to be started to combine our efforts and further dignify the cause, but I'm reading in my Eritrea book that an organization's letterhead makes any letter to a politician more impressive.

That means, while major organizational stuff will wait until this summer, I should get a name so I can send letters. Points for pronounceable acronyms.


  1. unJane12:31 AM

    I think you should go with AWSI. It's easily pronounced in word form and strong when you just speak the letters - as in "The A.W.S.I." All the aussies I know love a good cause. Sounds like you've found a good one.

  2. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Hi well

    The Maojority of Saharawis are offline!
    I am one of them Great job

    AWSI is looking Ok ...go ahead